August 6, 2018

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  • Fewer people were awake this morning than yesterday. We probably shouldn't have stayed up as late, but that seems to be our new norm around here. Graham was awake first and did start a bit on his school work.
  • I had to wake up all of the other sleepers. They were pretty exhausted, but did all stumble down the stairs in time for breakfast. Today's breakfast was cereal and what was left of our fruit. The kids are delighted that we hit up the weekend cereal sales and all have plenty of choices.
  • After breakfast, we read for a long time before starting on our school work. This week, everyone has added spelling. It seemed to go fine and I was still finished with my part of school work before noon.
  • Everyone finished their work around noonish. I am not sure though what happened because after we ate lunch, I looked at the clock and it was 1:40. That was when we were supposed to be leaving for the pool. I looked at another clock and even checked my watch. Indeed, it was 1:40, and I somehow lost an hour of the day.
  • We hurried around and were soon in the car without bathing suits on. The kids were able to swim for almost 2 hours. The sky was threatening for most of our time there, and during the last 20 minutes there was a clap on thunder.
  • That was fine since we were about to leave, so we loaded up to head to Dairy Queen. I think that we have about 3 or 4 more visits. I will miss the Blizzards, but I think that our waistlines will not miss those Blizzards.
  • Once at home, Reagan had about 20 minutes before her, Robby and Anderson turned around and left. Robby took her and Alyssa Kate to their Bibles study. They sewed their bags, made a s'mores biscuit, and finished their sewn books, which were really, really neat. 
  • Anderson went to see if he could find his Bible that he left at church yesterday. Robby and him also picked up propane for Robby's grill for tonight's hamburgers. Once they were home, Robby started on those immediately.
  • We ate our burgers, which are still the best ones ever. Then Robby headed outside to do some yard work. I had to repaint a table top and did a few things in the house. The kids were in and out all evening long playing with the neighbors.
  • Once Reagan made it home, everyone headed in for showers and cookies. Reagan was starving and went right to the food that I had left out for her. Soon it was once again bedtime for the crew.

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