August 24, 2018

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  • There is just something wonderful about Fridays or maybe I should more accurately say that there is something wonderful about days that we don't have school around here. Whitman was awake fairly early this morning. He asked about his ipad and then even asked about breakfast. I do believe (my memory is a bit fuzzy) that I encouraged him to talk to Anderson. 
  • I don't think that Anderson was much help this morning because I ended up getting Whitman's breakfast. He requested a "surprise" breakfast which I was not too in the mood to come up with. In case you are wondering, a "surprise" breakfast is a pop tart, raisins and one graham cracker. Along with that surprise was a cup of coke. That was a real surprise. Remember we were out of milk...and yes, Robby did go to the store today and forget the milk. However, he went again later and did remember the milk.
  • The main event this morning was a bit of reading, chores and then lunch. Then it was to the post office we went. The Dennie kids applied for passports this afternoon. That was a fun-45 minutes in a small space with 6 kids. It was like we were on display at the post office. Robby had a folder crammed full of copy after copy of document after document. Thankfully, we had everything so hopefully their passports will come soon...and after spending that much on passports, you better believe that we will do our best to get our money's worth out of them.
  • We rewarded the kids with Sonic. We actually had to go to two Sonic's to get our drinks since we accidentally went to the wrong Sonic to pick up our order. Then we dropped Graham off at Nonna's house for the night. We did look at their new living room furniture, and I inspected the work being done next door on Beebee's house.
  • The afternoon was fairly short. I did do some reading briefly before taking Campbell to a birthday party. It was a sleepover, and that girl was so excited about it. She was actually so excited that she packed this morning while Reagan was still sleeping. I hope that she is having a good time.
  • Robby then took Anderson to basketball. Then he came to pick us up to take us to the Wilson's house for supper. Shannon had taco salad for supper, and it was delicious. Robby then had to pick up Anderson for bball. He took Reagan home on the way, and Keaton rode with them.
  • They did pick up Anderson as well as the more important milk (kidding). Then Robby took Anderson home and brought Keaton back with him so she could help Shannon make some cookies. We ate the cookies while trying to convince her to start selling her cookies. 
  • Before bed tonight, Robby did list a few things on ebay. We will let you know how he does in a few days.

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