August 29, 2018

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  • I do believe that I might possibly be grieving our last non Bible Study Wednesday. I know that I have said it before but I do enjoy Bible study and it is wonderful for the kids-absolutely wonderful. When we do school though on Wednesdays, then we have a free day on Friday, and I love that too. We might possibly try to do a bit more school on Wednesdays this year so our Friday's will still be a bit lighter...or maybe we will just take a nap after Bible study.
  • Graham was awake early this morning, already working on his school work. He was flying through it. I helped him for a bit before I woke everyone else up. Reagan and Whitman were the last two for me to get downstairs. There wasn't much hurry for them to come down for a bowl of cereal!
  • We did our reading and then everyone started on their school work. By 11, Whitman still had not done anything today. Gracious me! I did try to help Anderson pick what he was going to do next multiple times during the day. That did seem to help him some. I will try to do a better job at keeping him on task tomorrow.
  • Robby took Graham to lunch today. While they were gone, I read with the littles, worked with Whitman and them helped the littles with their Jr. Ranger books. Once he came home, we read together and then worked with the bigs on their Ranger books. Even though we are done with school around lunch, there is a still a lot of "schooling' happening in the afternoons these days.
  • Campbell and Keaton have been making rainbow loom bracelets lately. Keaton made one for herself and one for Whitman. Campbell decided to make a pretty complicated one. She watched a video and got it all ready. Then it was my turn. I remember trying to make these difficult bracelets with Reagan when she was younger. I never really had any luck so I kept reminding Campbell that I didn't think I could do it. After watching the video over and over and lots of encouragement from Campbell, we finished it, and it was perfect!
  • I was finishing my shower after the treadmill when I heard Robby starting another money lesson. I hurried to finish I could help Whitman do his writing. The other day we used skittles to represent money and savings and even interest. The last few days the kids have been asking to do extra chores to add skittles to their savings. Yep, I have been passing out extra chores like mad! They do an extra chore and earn 3 skittles. I do think that I have the better end of the deal!
  • Afterwards, we scarfed down our supper and then headed to church. First I ran by the library, and we were able to unload before the rain started to fall at church. The boys had fun in their classes tonight and talked about it the entire way home. 
  • Keaton loves her class and wanted to practice her new verse over and over again tonight. I finally had to remind her that she had 6 more days to practice, and we would work some more tomorrow. Now, Campbell has a verse which is doable but she also has to remember the 12 tribes of Israel. Eeek! That will be a bit difficult.
  • Once at home, the kids changed and we had a snack before bedtime. For some reason, Graham and Whitman are sleeping on the floor tonight. Anderson is not-he jammed (hopefully) his toe tonight before church, and it is bit a swollen! Yuck!

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