August 26, 2018

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  • Sunday morning and the only one that I had to wake up was Reagan. She didn't lollygag long because she was soon downstairs dressed and ready. I tell you Sunday mornings continue to get easier. I remember the days when one of us would be feeding a baby while another would be squeezing chubby little toddler legs into tights while filling cups of milk and bowls of cheerios. Those possibly might have been the good ole days! 
  • At the end of big church, Whitman asked me if we were leaving. I reminded him that we still had Sunday school to go to. He told me that he was just asking if we were leaving that room (sanctuary). He didn't mind us staying at church, he just wanted to make sure that we weren't going to stick around for another sermon.
  • We ate lunch at Nonna's house today. Graham had been telling us how yummy Nonna's chocolate cake would be for dessert. I think that he had eaten a bite or two after she made it on Saturday. We hung out there for a little bit before heading home.
  • Our Sunday afternoon was spent how Sunday afternoons should be-taking a nap. The kids don't realize what they are missing! I had even brought part of the paper to study but couldn't keep my eyes open long enough. 
  • We loaded up and headed to the pool. There will only be a few more pool visits before it is closed for the year. I already have on my list for early May to get Whitman swim lessons. Since it has been a bit chilly, he has regressed some on his swimming skills, but still manged to swim across the pool. He still could go down in an instant though so swim lessons will be mandatory for my little guy.
  • Robby ran to pick up pizza while we were there. The Heltz were there, and we all enjoyed supper at the pool. The kids swam until the pool closed at 8. Then we dropped off the kids at home, and we ran to the Wilson's house for a minute.
  • Then back to our house to finish up the shower line, and then to get everyone into bed. They need all of the sleep that they can get, because Mondays are always fairly difficult days getting back into the swing of things around here!

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