August 9, 2018

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  • I knew last night that I would not be getting up for the treadmill again this morning. I had checked and possibly double checked the weather and was anxiously awaiting the rain. I so love the rain beating on the windows in the morning. 
  • However, the rain beating on the windows in the morning seems to make it very hard for my crew to wake up. Maybe it was that pitter patter of the rain or maybe it was the lack of sunshine coming through the windows, but I was the only one awake for a long time.
  • I finally had to wake everyone up since it was a school day after all. Keaton was in her own bed. I guess that she is over her bad dream from a few nights ago. Whitman, however, was hanging off of the edge of Graham's bed. I am not sure why but he has been in there for the last few nights.
  • It took a while, but I was able to get everyone downstairs just a bit behind our schedule. I let them make their breakfast and then eat in my bedroom as I read to them. Reagan had finished most of her school yesterday, actually all of it but checking a few things with me. She helped quite a bit keeping Whitman on task for the first little bit.
  • He then escaped upstairs with Campbell and Keaton. They both had to make a lego animal as one of their school activities. Now in my head, this would be a fun little get up activity that would take just a few minutes. I had no idea that it would take almost an hour. I was not sure what they were doing upstairs, but gracious me.
  • Everyone did finish before lunch time and then work started on chores. We read some more this afternoon. I could sit and read to them forever but after a bit they all seem to get antsy. Well, if I am reading picture books, Whitman could listen forever, but reading about Lorenzo de Medici is a bit less interesting to him. 
  • Afterwards, I worked up my nerve and took the girls to the store. Reagan was in need of church clothes and I had seen a few cute tops at our Kroger. Yep, at the grocery store. Shopping with Reagan can sometimes be easy and sometimes not be so easy. She is a bit on the picky side. 
  • Now this time, shopping was perfectly easy. Reagan left with 3 shirts, two of those were churchy and Campbell found a dress. Afterwards, we walked to the new store, Five Below. The girls all had money, and they could not wait to spend it. Keaton and Reagan left with new blankets (though Keaton's already has a hole in it-you do indeed get what you pay for.) Campbell spent her money on a huge bag of candy which she and her brothers and sisters have been working steadily on all afternoon.
  • Once at home, the kids were playing outside for a little bit. The neighbors were out until they had to hurry home. My crew came in, and soon we were working on supper after Robby made it home. It was just a light meal tonight because before our movie, Reagan made a delicious snack for everyone (biscuits, nutella, chocolate chips, marshmallows).
  • We then watched the movie I Can Only Imagine. Then the kids headed to bed for the evening. They were once again in bed around 10. I think that we might just have to push our school time back a bit if we don't start going to bed earlier. However tomorrow, we don't have school since we have already done our four days this week. Well, my Anderson does have a bit school work to finish from this week!

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