August 19, 2018

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  • Sunday morning and Graham was the only one dressed when Robby went to check on the kids' progress. Anderson was awake too but didn't have on his church clothes yet. The girls were sleeping, but they all did jump up to get themselves ready. 
  • After my shower, I had to go and wake Whitman up. I laid him on the floor of my room but he was quick to jump up and climb under the covers of my bed. Soon though, he had his shower that he missed from last night, and everyone was soon ready and eating their breakfast.
  • Church was fairly uneventful. Graham did have to leave after the sermon to go and blow his nose. Whitman and Keaton were both by me. He "read" his Bible outloud during a bit of the sermon while she did her best to sit still with "wiggles" sitting on the other side of me.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. We celebrated Cash's birthday with cookie cake. Afterwards, the kids went to Dana's house to see Cash's video game and the puppies.
  • Once at home, we took our Sunday afternoon naps-well, Robby and I did. The kids were fairly quiet. I was only asked about a snack by 3 different people. Twice in person and one text. I eventually did get up and start on my evening activities.
  • I folded the laundry, prepared a freezer meal, cooked beans in my instant pot and worked on some Christmas gifts. I was feeling pretty accomplished! 
  • Candice picked up Reagan for a life group meeting. While she was gone, Robby and I took the little 3 to the pool. I stayed for a little bit and then ran to the grocery store. When I returned, it was almost time for the pool to close, and my people were the only ones there. Three Dennies swimming and 2 lifeguards. Not a bad ratio.
  • Once at home, we ate frozen pizza for supper. We don't think that the kids really like it, but I really do. Once the kitchen was picked up from supper, Robby started to play with his new toy-a whirly popper. 
  • It makes some pretty good stove top popcorn. The first batch was butter and then second was kettle corn. It made a ton and everyone gobbled it all up. Of course this did mean that the living room floor had to be vacuumed for the second time today! 
  • The kids headed to bed just about the time that it started to rain. It was too late to be heading to bed on a Sunday night so hopefully they can catch up on some Zzzs tonight.

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