August 12, 2018

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  • Promotion Sunday morning so everyone was excited about their new classes this morning. Whitman even received a phone call from his teacher last night. He was the cutest thing ever talking to Mr. Ernie on the phone. 
  • Keaton and Campbell had meticulously picked out their clothes for this morning and were the first ones dressed and ready to go. I had to do their hair before I stepped into the shower. The big girls, Reagan, Kennedy and Alyssa, were all dressed and possibly a bit anxious about going to their new Sunday school classes. 
  • We made it to church in plenty of time. We were able to run to my class to put down my Sunday school stuff and then see the grands before church started. The service was full to the brim, and we heard that the other service was just the same. 
  • After big church, we headed off to our classes. We have a manageable class with only one kiddo that could be a problem, and it is not our Campbell. Robby gathered Keaton and Whitman after Sunday school, and then the big kids trickled in from their classes.
  • We ate lunch at Nonna and Pops' house. She had Mexican and my favorite corn dip ever. The kids had some time to play while Pops, Robby and I struggled to keep our eyes open. What is it about Sunday afternoon and my ability to stay awake. 
  • When we did come home, Robby and I snoozed for a good while. Candice then dropped by to pick up Reagan to take her to her Bible study. While Reagan was gone, we went through some clothes, cleaned upstairs and had pancakes for supper. 
  • We didn't save Reagan much supper since she has stated over and over again that she does not like breakfast for supper. We assumed that she would chose leftovers from lats night. However, she picked the pancakes from our supper.
  • As she ate, the rest of us snacked on leftover monkey bread from my Sunday school snack while watching The Bates on tv. Then it was time for bed-still too late but at least better than last night.

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