August 31, 2018

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  • I was almost the last one awake this morning. Reagan was the only one still sleeping when I finally rolled out of bed. She continued to sleep while I folded 2 loads of laundry, walked on the treadmill, emptied the dishwasher and packed my bag.
  • However, by the time that we started our work together this morning at 10, she was indeed awake. We didn't get to do our little bit of reading yesterday afternoon, so I did some of our fun reading today. We finished off a lot of picture books and even finished The Twits. 
  • My favorite part of reading today was reading a book about a pet rock and by the time I had finished, most of the kids had ran to grab one of their rocks. For some reason, everyone has rocks now. Reagan and her friends even share custody of a rock like piece of aluminum foil. He has a name and even a bed.
  • Chores were next on the agenda. Not so much chores today, but we had to straighten the house. Helping everyone make their beds takes a good bit of time. After that was over, Reagan and Anderson packed while the rest of us picked up upstairs. Then Anderson vacuumed while others finished upstairs and others folded 2 more loads of laundry (the laundry will seriously never ever end.)
  • By this time, it was almost lunch time. We usually eat our lunch together and do some more reading during that time. Today, I just told everyone eat on their own. This makes them practically giddy. By this time though, it was time for me to hurry around and get my shower so I just left Whitman to fend for himself. I did later see that he had a plate in front of him. Even though the plate was empty, it must have had food on it so I didn't worry much. Later I did find out that Keaton was the one to make his lunch today. He asked for a grilled cheese sandwich without the grilled. So that was what he got.
  • We decided to leave a few minutes earlier than planned, but everyone and everything was ready. The Kroger sales were calling our names. Robby bought the gas while I went in, then he went in while I brought my groceries back to the car. The kids were all in the car but when I opened the door, everyone was shouting at me. Keaton thought she was going to be sick. Probably she was just scared though. I still had to go back inside for one more round of deals so she went in with me. Once she was with me, she was perfectly fine. This is new for her but has now happened twice. 
  • From there, we picked up drinks at Sonic, which is a risky thing to do before a road trip. Next we picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and headed on to Mississippi. We did stop once at a rest stop. And were soon crossing into Tennessee. Well, it felt like it to me and Graham since we dozed a good bit. (Robby and I were up until 2 last night finishing a movie so I am not quite caught up on my sleep.)
  • This evening we tailgated in front of the stadium. Les had grilled hot dogs, and I had brought my pineapple mango salsa which was even better today. Then it was ballgame time. 
  • Unfortunately, Lewisburg Patriots didn't win tonight. The game was almost played and officiated in slow motion. It was still a nice night, and we enjoyed seeing Josh play ball. The boys always love a football game. Well, the big boys do. Whitman loved the band!
  • Back at Les' house, we stayed up fairly late before crashing for the night. Campbell can only think about swimming in the pool tomorrow! Hopefully it will not rain!

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