August 3, 2018

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  • Since this wasn't a school day, it was a fairly quiet morning around here. I wasn't in a hurry to get out of bed and only did so after Whitman asked me to get him some milk. I agreed to help before I thought of asking where his sisters were. 
  • Anderson was up fairly early as well. He still had 2 pages of math and one other quick thing to finish today. Now, his math today took about an hour, but again he is in no hurry. Whitman had a bit to do as well, but I helped so he quickly knocked his out. 
  • Campbell and Keaton made muffins for their breakfast this morning. Then later in the morning, Keaton, along with Campbell's help, made cookie dough for Graham's late birthday present. We baked a pan full of cookies and froze the rest of the dough.
  • I walked on the treadmill right before Candice brought Reagan home from her sleepover. Reagan did stay up until the wee hours of the morning so she was fairly quiet this afternoon. We all ate a quick bite to eat, then loaded up with everyone, minus Reagan and Campbell, to run some errands.
  • First, I ran into the library. Then it was time to go to Goodwill. Anderson and Graham had hoped to find something to buy there that they could sell online to make a profit. Graham found 2 books that Robby listed online. Unfortunately, Anderson didn't find any. I tried but just wasn't able to. Now, both big boys, Keaton and Campbell or Reagan all did get a shirt. (I say Campbell or Reagan because the shirt will fit either of them.)
  • Next stop was Academy. Whitman received a gift card for his birthday from the Mississippi Dennies, and we have just gotten around to spending it. He was so excited and kept telling us that it was his first gift card. He did pretty well and left with a bubble machine, extra bubbles, a pool noodle and a big bouncy ball. The boy could not have been any happier.
  • Once at home, the afternoon was fairly short. Around 5 we started scurrying around eating supper and getting ready. Robby dropped me off at the grocery store, and then he dropped off the boys at basketball.
  • Then I dropped everyone else off at the pool and headed to Kohls to spend a coupon. Afterwards, I picked up the boys, and then brought them to the pool. We all stayed there until the pool closed at 9. The kids had a big contest with Robby seeing who could catch the ball and throw it back while jumping off the diving board.
  • When the pool closed, we headed home for showers, cookies and bed! We actually did watch a Bates tv show before we sent everyone to bed tonight. I think that I like that show as much as the kids do...especially when the talk about courtship and not dating.

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