August 7, 2018

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  • Keaton came into our room last night around 4. She said that she had a scary dream so I just rolled over and made room for her. Seconds later we heard feet above us, and I expected someone else to join us soon. Keaton told me though that it was Campbell going back to bed because Campbell had walked her down the stairs.
  • That is my Campbell. She can drive me crazy some days, but every day she can be the sweetest child ever. Tonight, the kids played musical chairs. Whitman lost pretty early this first round and became upset. The second round he was in the finals but lost. Campbell was quick to comfort him each time and even got him a juice box to help him feel better. Sweet sister.
  • I looked on the breakfast menu today, and it was toast and eggs. I decided that I better get the eggs going so we could eat on time. I did bake a dozen eggs in the oven and thought they were pretty good. That is good because I have a few extras since the kids weren't crazy about them.
  • The toast was at least a hit. However, since the other day when the cord on my toast was pretty hot, I was the toaster guard watching it closely. (No worries though, a new toaster arrived today in the mail.)
  • My planning ahead didn't help too much because we still had a later start that I wanted. Now, we didn't work together since we were leaving for lunch today. So the kids got right to work on their school work. 
  • I had plans on taking a shower before we left right before lunch. Though I never had enough time. We did leave the house pretty much a wreck as well, but we had all afternoon to pick up.
  • We met a few buddies and a new church staff member's wife at church so the kids could get to know each other. The big kids enjoyed being at church able to play and run around. And my Whitman so took up with one of the new little girls. They played the entire time; it was so sweet.
  • After we ate and played, we headed back home for the afternoon. Anderson worked some more on his school work that he didn't finish. Everyone worked on their summer reading charts and chores. 
  • I did a few of my chores and soon ended up on the treadmill, but before that happened I took a bit of a nap. Soon Robby was home, and I was cleaning out the fridge for supper. Then we headed to the pool to celebrate Michael and Caroline's birthdays.
  • It would have been a lovely night to swim...except for all of the lightening happening in the distance. The kids did get to swim for about 10 minutes before the lightening began. That was fine because we soon had cake, opened presents and played a few rounds of musical chairs. 
  • When the wind kicked up, we did leave a bit early. At home, the kids had showers and then we watched a bit of tv before sending everyone to bed. Reagan wasn't pleased about going to bed even though it was 10. However, I would bet a good bit of money that I will have to wake her along with everyone else up in the morning.

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