August 5, 2018

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  • Anderson and Graham were dressed this morning and watching videos on my computer when I woke up. Whitman and Campbell were in the living room on their ipads. Whitman didn't have on his church clothes just yet though. 
  • I did have to wake up Keaton and Reagan this morning and urge them to get started on their clothes and breakfast. We all had plenty of time this morning, but there was still someone who had neglected to comb their hair as we were walking to the car.
  • It was the Lord's Supper at church this morning, and we survived. There was no grape juice spilled! Anderson did give me the evil eye when I wouldn't let go of the plate of juice until Robby's hand was on it. The kids are all bigger now, but I still don't trust them at all!
  • After church, we didn't have lunch at Grannymom's house since we were having supper there. So we headed home for sandwiches. Reagan and Anderson had eaten so much in their Sunday school class that they didn't even want any lunch. Everyone else ate, then we picked up the kitchen before taking a short nap.
  • Now, while we were snoozing, I was asked 4 times about a snack by 4 different people and someone even sent a text about a snack. Now, the first time I was asked was less than 30  minutes after lunch. It was like we were starving these children!
  • We headed to the pool a bit before 4. The Kamps were there too so the kids had some folks to play with. Whitman worked on his swimming. He will do so good, and then just stop and start sinking! We have thought about swimming lessons this year, but will do it early next summer so he doesn't forget this winter.
  • After 2 kid swims, we headed to Grannymom's house to change into dry clothes. Then it was time to celebrate Jenna's birthday. Grannymom had bbq and all of the fixings for supper. We even enjoyed 3 different dessert options. After Jenna opened her presents, the kids headed outside for a game of kickball. 
  • Once at home, everyone showered and even though they asked for more food, it was denied. Anderson fell asleep before we even sent everyone to bed. They stayed up a bit later than usual, but sometime I plan to start a much earlier bedtime. I may just have to wait until time change though! 

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