August 4, 2018

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  • Some days are just busy, and this was one of those wonderfully busy days. Even though it started out slowly with everyone sleeping in. I even had to wake Reagan up at 10:00 to urge her to go ahead and get herself ready.
  • Once everyone was dressed, we loaded up and headed to Honeybaked Pies to celebrate their birthday. They were giving out free pieces of cake-chocolate or confetti. When Graham took a bite of his generous slice of cake, you could tell by his facial expression that he thought it was wonderful.
  • Indeed it was very tasty. The sitting area was nice so we leisurely enjoyed our slices of cake while waiting on Grannymom and Grandpa to come. The kids and I played Apples to Apples and the three littles even colored a few pictures. It was a neat stop, and I would like to go back. At one time, they had pie baking classes so I will have to keep my eye out for that. 
  • After the cake samples, I ran to Walmart to return one of Graham's gifts. Then we met up with the others at Sams. They had been getting gas. We walked around Sam's eating samples. The only thing that we bought were shirts for Reagan and Campbell. Robby had a free slice of pizza, ice cream and drink at Sams, but he did buy another slice of pizza and hot dog. We split all of that before loading back up.
  • The next stop was Kroger where Robby and I ran in the store to pick up some bargains. After that, our final stop was Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. Reagan was so full from our practically free food day, that she didn't even want her Blizzard.
  • Then it was back home for a little bit. I looked at my canning cookbook from the library. I was underwhelmed. Now, if I had a garden and had plenty of green beans to spare, then canning might be an option. However, right now, with no garden, the grocery store is a much better option.
  • I loaded up along with Reagan, Anderson, Graham and Campbell to take them to 4 different Sunday school pool parties. On the way, we picked up Kennedy, Alyssa and Caroline. Here is the short version of where I went next: party 1, party 2, party 3, party 4, party 1, party 3, party 2, party 4, party 1. 
  • Yep, it was pretty much like that. I dropped Campbell off at her party and picked up Chase while I was there. Then I dropped off Chase, Caroline and Graham at their party. The big girls looked across the street at the still empty pool party they were going to and asked me to drop Anderson off next. So I dropped Anderson off at his party, and then dropped off those girls.
  • Once my car was empty, I went back to Campbell's party to help out some. They actually had a water play party and had lots of fun playing. When the other parties were wrapping up, I picked up Anderson first, followed by Caroline, Graham, and Chase. Then walked across the street to pick up Reagan, Alyssa and Kennedy. At Campbell's party, I did make my whole crew get out and help pick up the water balloons in the yard, before we loaded up and headed for Lawson.
  • Jodee was at Candice's house so I dropped off all of my extra's there before bringing my crew back for showers. Robby and his crew were still out when we arrived home. They went to the Christopher Robin movie at the theater. I think that they were pretty excited to have something to do tonight since all of the others had a party to go to.
  • Robby, Keaton and Whitman had a big night out. They ate a quick supper and had showers before leaving the house. Next was a quick grocery store stop-the store has a super good cereal deal going on right now that we just can't pass up even though our pantry is now bursting at the seems. 
  • Then they all enjoyed the move. Keaton said that she loved the movie. Robby said that drank tons of coke and ate lots of popcorn. However, they came home with a completely full tub of popcorn and a full cup of coke. I better make sure that they all potty a few times before bed tonight!

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