August 2, 2018

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  • School day number 8 today, and I had to wake most people up. Anderson was the first one awake and tried really hard to convince me to let him play his ipad. He couldn't convince me of that so he tried to ask about watching youtube on another computer. Nope was the answer to that as well. If I give in once, they will keep at it until I have lost my willpower!
  • We were headed to the pool around 10, so we didn't do our together work. Instead, everyone went right to work on their own school work. Anderson still had some math to finish up tomorrow, and Campbell was able to finish her leftover work this afternoon.
  • We soon were in the car heading to the pool. It was chilly there today. I didn't even think about getting in today which is probably the reason that I still have on my bathing suit! The kids were even a bit chilly but eventually started playing in the water. I do think that Anderson and Reagan spent more time out of the pool than in the pool.
  • When we left, we headed to Hobby Lobby to buy a birthday present. It was for one of Campbell's buddies so she picked out the present. Bless, she wanted it to be so perfect, but perfect take a long time and perfect with 5 siblings following you and commenting on everything takes a long time as well!
  • We paid a bit more than I normally do for presents, but as I told Robby, I would have paid any price to get us on out of that store! Our next stop was Menchies. The kids had a free ice cream because they read 10 books this summer. They were pretty excited about the change from Dairy Queen! Ha! Whitman did say that next time he was just going to get a plain ice cream and no toppings!
  • When we made it home, the kids stayed inside for a bit. Whitman and Campbell had some school work to do. Keaton made a caramel blondie for dessert tonight during our short afternoon. Then Keaton rode with me to take Reagan and Alyssa Kate to a sleepover. Keaton fell sound asleep on the way home, and I had to chug my water to stay awake myself. 
  • Once at home, the girls went out to play with the neighbors. Then Keaton came in to make her fish for supper. Tonight she worked on the meal just by herself and was super pleased with herself. The fish was actually pretty good-good enough that I might just make the two pieces that I have leftover in the freezer. 
  • As soon as supper was over, we kicked everyone out of the house for a bit. Robby and I sat outside for a while, but then ended up working on the garage some. Everyone stayed outside until 9, and then we hurried inside for showers. 
  • Right before bed, Keaton was pleased to pass out her dessert to everyone. It was also a winner. They all ate and then headed to bed. Keaton and Campbell are in the same bed tonight since Reagan is away. I am not even sure why Keaton has her own bed anyway. Most mornings, I find Keaton wrapped in her mermaid blanket about 10 feet from her bed on the floor. It is a rare morning that she is still in her bed. 

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