August 17, 2018

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  • Today was a pretty fun day! First, I was in no hurry to wake up. Actually, no one in this house was in a hurry to wake up. Since we had already finished our school for the week, we didn't have to rush around this morning. 
  • Now, Anderson did have a page of math and grammar to work on before he touched his ipad. So he delivered his work to me before I had even left the bed this morning. I guess he was the only one in a hurry this morning since he still had to finish his work before touching any devices.
  • Come September, we will have Bible study on Wednesdays so on Fridays we will still be doing our last school day of the week. Now, I do love Bible study very much, but it sure would be nice to have a free day once a week.
  • We did do a bit of reading this morning-especially history since if we don't work hard at it, it will take us 2 years to finish. There was also a science experiment which was supposed to prove the kids that we use not only our sense of smell to smell with but also our eyes. After making them smell and eat lemon jello that was dyed red, they were sure that the actually lemon jello was really cherry jello dyed yellow.
  • Around 3, we all loaded up to go to the children's library. The big 3 are doing the EAST program at the library this year. It looked pretty neat-they all had nametags, folders and were all sitting at computers. The internet was down some today so they weren't able to do everything that they had planned. I think it will be really neat.
  • While they were in their class, 2 hours, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I read quite a few books. We are working on Pippi Longstocking so we read some of that. But we also read a few others ones. I even stumbled on a book that Whitman proudly read to everyone (I can see. I can hide. I can jump...)
  • When the big kids were finished with their class, the boys came out telling me all about what they did. They were both talking as fast as they could until we made it to basketball. Later on the way home, Reagan had her turn to tell me all about it. Graham and Reagan seemed to both be interested in graphic design. I am possibly more excited about this class than the kids are!
  • Now, the boys usually aren't too nuts about basketball, but today we arrived a bit early and I suggested them staying in the car for a few more minutes while we listened to our book. Both boys, who usually love the books on tape, were ready to get right out and go into basketball.
  • The girls, Whitman and I headed home. The girls opted to eat cheese ravioli for their supper. Robby and I however ran to the food truck down the way. Not the catfish food truck but the Mexican one. We are so classy on Lawson that we do have 2 food trucks! 
  • I got a burrito which was absolutely huge! Robby had tacos. All of our food, despite being food truck prices, was really yummy. We came home and gobbled it down before running to pick Graham up from basketball. Anderson had gone on home with Grannymom to spend the night. 
  • Once at home, Graham had a shower and ate his supper. Then the kids had a snack before vegging out in the living room. Currently, we are all in the living room. Robby and I have our computers in our laps, Graham is watching tv, and Reagan, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman all have their ipads in front of them. It is a pretty quiet, yet perfect Friday night.

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