August 28, 2018

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  • I was the first one awake this morning and went to town making muffins for breakfast. Now, I had been awake for a while since I had set my alarm to wake me up in time to walk on the treadmill. Now, I hit snooze on my phone long enough that there was no time for the treadmill at least this morning.
  • The kids woke up fairly quickly for muffins this morning. I probably should wake up every morning and cook them some type of warm breakfast, but we all know that's not going to happen. 
  • We did our school work and even though the kids have a bit more spelling today, we were still eating lunch by 12:30. School went well, but it does seem like everyone needs my help all at once. One minute I can be putting away laundry after no one is ready to work with me and then the next minute 3 people are sitting on the floor around me, 1 person is calling me and 2 more are fussing at each other in another room.
  • For lunch, we worked on eating some of our leftovers, but unfortunately we didn't even make a dent in things. After lunch was just as busy as school-I worked with the big 3 on their Jr. Ranger book, then worked with the little 3 of theirs and read them a book, then it was time for me to work with Whitman on his reading book.
  • After I did the treadmill, we were soon all in the car on our way to Dairy Queen. Today was our last visit there because we have now received 6-7 Blizzards each week for the last year. We had 6 coupons and eventually Shannon gave us hers as well. So that total is around 330 Blizzards were eaten by the Dennies this year. The kids were a bit bummed because they knew that we probably won't be going back anytime soon. 
  • From there we headed to the pool. I am sure that the lifeguards were wondering if they should call in reinforcements tonight. When we arrived there was already one family there with 6 kids, the Heltz and their 4 were there and later the Crafts came with their 5. We took a picture with our pool buddies and even though we were missing 3 kids, there were 16 in the picture.
  • I ran to Walmart on the way home while Robby took everyone home to start showers. They were almost all finished by the time I made it home. Everyone was able to veg out for a few minutes before bedtime. Tomorrow is our last school day Wednesday before Bible study begins next week.

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