August 25, 2018

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  • I had already had to go to the bathroom this morning, so I was kind of awake when my phone dinged with a text message at 7:30. (That was pretty early for my phone, though yesterday morning, Pops text around 5 in the morning!) I looked at it and read that Keaton's planned birthday party had to be put on hold for today because of a sick sibling.
  • Now, I sure couldn't go back to sleep after this. I was pretty bummed and knew Keaton would be too. I pulled out a little present to take to the birthday-party-missing girl when we were to pick up Campbell later in the morning. 
  • I had thought about waking Keaton up, but waited as long as I could. When I heard someone on the steps, I hoped it was Keaton so I could tell her the bad news. It was just Whitman, who wanted a "surprise breakfast" again. This time he received cereal and "surprise" we had milk!
  • I went on up to tell Keaton that the birthday party was cancelled. The poor baby cried and cried. She has had a fairly rough week-it started with her playdate on Monday not happening because the other girl was sick and ended with missing today's birthday party. 
  • Keaton was happy to get to ride with me to pick up Campbell from her party. She also delighted in giving Anna her extra birthday present. Campbell wasn't too happy to see us since that meant that it was time for her to go. 
  • We did have a brief discussion on proper things to say when you see your mother. Things like "I am not leaving yet" are definitely not appropriate. However, things like, "hello" or "I had a good time" or even "Mom, I missed you" would be completely appropriate.
  • I think that Campbell did have a great time. She enjoys a party-any party. On the way home, she told us all about everything that happened. She also told me that Ms. Traci had the best popcorn and best cinnamon rolls ever.
  • Once at home, Robby and then I ran on the treadmill. Afterwards, we ran a few errands. We did find Graham some shoes and snagged some Kroger bargains. Then we picked up Graham on the way home. 
  • We didn't have too long before everyone loaded up to head to the Salt Bowl. It is always fun to go there, but we do forget how incredibly hot it is. Crazy hot! The kids love it probably has much as they love Halloween. That definitely come home with almost as much stuff.
  • At the tailgate, we walked through row after row of tents handing out stuff. By the end, Whitman wouldn't take anything else-he was done. We did sit in the shade and eat hot dogs and cheese dip while sweat was dripping down our backs. 
  • The boys would love to stay for the football game, but it was incredibly nice to walk back to our air conditioned car instead of sitting in stands for the next hour and half waiting on the game to just begin.
  • At home, we didn't cool off too much because Robby went to work mowing and put Anderson to work mowing the front yard. I put everyone else to work picking up sticks. We picked up sticks until Anderson was finished and joined us. They don't really understand that the quicker they pick up the sticks, the sooner they will be finished with their job.
  • Once inside, it was shower time and loot sorting time. The kids loved spreading out all of their stuff. They spent the rest of the evening eating as much as they could from their bags. We did pause the candy fest to watch a Bates before it was bedtime for the crew!

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