August 15, 2018

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  • Again no one was awake early this morning, but I was! I had 2 dozen muffins in the oven before anyone stirred. Now don't be too impressed, because all I did was open up some packages of muffins, added milk and stirred. 
  • Now, you might should be impressed that I also emptied the dishwasher, folded a load of clothes, walked 2 miles and cleaned the fridge also before anyone came downstairs. I can not guarantee that all of that will happen tomorrow or really ever again!
  • We did our morning reading and then everyone started on their school work. Whitman breezed through his this morning and even had to wait on my to work with him. He also had a fit when he realized that he wasn't getting to do math on the ipad like everyone else. So Reagan helped him with his ipad math, and he was happy once again.
  • Graham once again had another good day. Possibly I should make him a sticker chart to mark his good days. His math even changed up today, but it still was not a problem. Reagan's math also changed, and I am always so pleased when I understand what they are doing. Sometimes I have to work a bit to figure it all out again. Reagan's math was finding the volume of cylinders while Graham's was subtracting mixed numbers.
  • At lunch we ate. Then, Anderson worked some more on his school work before we did some reading again. We have 82 library books checked our right now. I told Robby tonight that my favorite part about Wednesday nights is coming home and going through all of my library books. Of course he replied that maybe I should get out more often!
  • The afternoon went by fairly quickly. Quite a bit of the afternoon my girls spent trying to figure out exactly what they were going to wear for their first Wednesday night. I kept reminding everyone that anything would be just fine, but there were outfit changes, drama, fingernail painting and lots of hair combing. 
  • We ran by the library before eating supper at ChickFilA. Then it was church time. Robby dropped us off. I was in the front as we were walking in and saw Reagan's friend walking by. I told Reagan, and she started knocking down brothers and sisters to get in the door and catch up with her buddy. Again, I think that she might have been a bit nervous!
  • I do believe that everyone had a good time at church tonight. Anderson was pleased that he won a game. Keaton was excited that she had said her verse already. 
  • Once at home, the kids put on their pajamas and had a snack before bed. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the week and hopefully, we will get to go to a few fun places as well.

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