August 11, 2018

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  • Whitman was the first one that I saw this morning. He burst into our room asking if and his sisters could eat breakfast in the living room. I was quick to agree, and he was quick to fly back towards the kitchen to find his breakfast.
  • I am not sure who woke up first the girls or Whitman, but they were going strong fairly early this morning. Robby and I headed to Dollar General to check to see if they had something in their ad, so before we left, I ran towards the steps to tell Reagan that she was in charge. She was already coming down and scared the daylights out of me.
  • Robby and I struck out and were soon back home. We hung up a shower curtain rod before loading up to run some more errands with everyone.
  • Our first stop was Sams. We walked around buying a few things and doing some definite window shopping. We did pick up Kennedy there since she was spending the night with us. 
  • After Sams, we ran to Grannymom's house to pick up Graham. Then we headed to Sonic for drinks for everyone including the Wilsons. At the Wilson's house, Tony helped me cut something. We stayed there for a long time because we were given notices that our power was out. We finally headed back home when the notes came back on saying that the power was out.
  • At home, we realized that possibly our power was never out-our clocks weren't blinking, the house was cool and the internet seemed to be fine as well. I went right to work sorting out the clothes that Shannon had given me. Anderson spent some time looking at my grandpa's fishing lures that he brought home. (Anderson and Pops went fishing today, and Anderson caught a whopper.) Graham helped Robby work on two bikes from the Wilson's house.
  • Alyssa showed up so Reagan had herself a party with two friends spending the night. Now, Reagan could have had friends spend the night last night when the boys were both gone, but she wanted people to spend the night on Saturday so they could go to church together. Possibly someone is a bit anxious about going to the youth department tomorrow.
  • Speaking of, we have a child in the youth group. How in the world did that happen? It is a bit flabbergasting to me! I guess since I do still have a preschooler for one more year, I am not yet officially old. And yes, we do have a preschooler (1), grade schooler (2), preteen (2) and student (1) at church. 
  • Soon we were all eating our supper of hot dogs and hamburgers while monkey bread for Sunday school was baking. Robby cut Graham's hair a bit. I had just finished with the kitchen when the Wilsons came over.
  • Shannon and I ran to the store to pick up a few of the weekend sales. They were out of what I needed, but I did come home with milk and more biscuits, since Robby was already into my monkey bread for Sunday school. 
  • The Wilsons stayed for a bit, but as soon as they left my boys finished their showers while another monkey bread (number 3 for the day) baked and the girls watched a movie. It was nearly 11 when we finally had everyone in bed for the evening.
  • I had to work on the blog some, and Robby and I started watching a crazy house flipping tv show which assured us that we never need to try to flip a house!

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