August 13, 2018

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  • First day of school for most everyone around here, but this was our 4th week of school. I had expected that we were in a bit of a routine, however I was pretty wrong. The kids slept in a bit this morning. I did have to wake everyone but Graham up for breakfast.
  • I called Reagan down at least 5 times before she graced us with her presence. I read at breakfast so I don't like starting if someone is not yet there. We then did our work together. We barely managed to squeeze everything in during the hour.
  • Afterwards, everyone started on their school work. Graham lost his ever loving mind today and struggled all day long with school. During all of his drama, I did quickly realize that some of my kiddos are a breeze to teach at home and others not so much.
  • Reagan had an orthodontist appointment at 11:30. Robby said that she was in the back for a good hour with them working on her mouth. They are now working on changing her bite. The good news is that she doesn't have to wear rubber bands any more. 
  • The bad news is that minutes after she came home, she sat down on the couch and something popped off of her braces. That left a wire that was poking her so I called as soon as the orthodontist office was back from lunch at 2. They said that they had an appointment at 2:30, so Reagan and I jumped in the car and headed back to the other side of town.
  • It didn't take as long the second time so hopefully whatever it was will stay on her tooth and not pop off again. Back at home, we decided to skip the pool since it was still a bit rainy this afternoon. Campbell was not happy about this decision, but she is rarely happy about any decision I make these days.
  • Around supper, we loaded up to head to Dairy Queen. They were having a kids eat free night. The place was busy, but it didn't take too long for us to order. We then waited for over an hour for our food. Robby tried to ask about it once, but was told he hadn't been waiting long enough and was refused to get his money back for what he did buy.
  • As we continued to watch people come in, receive their food and then leave, we did grow a bit impatient. The kids were able to drink plenty of coke so they were fairly content. I guess this was an excellent lesson on patience. Robby had to ask again about the food, and it was finally delivered. The kids were starving so they scarfed their food down, and we were soon on our way to Nonna's house.
  • Today was Nonna's birthday so we celebrated tonight with Key Lime Pie and lots of cards. Her gift is still on its way so it was be delivered later. Reagan, Anderson and Campbell worked hard at lighting the candles and did light most of them. The pie was pretty delicious, and the kids enjoyed hanging out at Nonna's house before we had to head home.
  • Once home, everyone had their showers and then had a few minutes to hang out before bedtime. Tomorrow is another school day-hopefully a much better one.

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