August 8, 2018

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  • At 4:45ish this morning, it was raining and thundering wonderfully outside out window. It woke me up enough to have to get up for the bathroom and while I was up, I also reset my alarm from 6 to 7. I didn't know if it would still be storming, but there was no chance I would get out of bed for the treadmill with it still raining. I so love the rain...while I am in the bed or on the couch!
  • Needless to say, I was the one scurrying around a bit this morning. I wasn't that late, but when I saw that Reagan was downstairs on the couch (yes, I would have lost last night's bet) I knew that I was running behind.
  • I did have to wake up all of the boys and none of the girls this morning which is a rarity. Once everyone was awake and downstairs, we started on breakfast. We weren't too behind schedule so we still have time to do all of our reading. I think that everyone enjoys doing Latin this most right now when we work together. I am still not so sold on it, but I guess it can't hurt anything.
  • When we finished working together, everyone started on their work. I was running major behind today working with everyone. When it came time for me to work with Reagan, I realized that she was working diligently to finish not only today's school but also tomorrow's school. That was fine with me but it did add to my work load of correcting and returning things.
  • We had our lunch, and then the kids started on their chores. I think that everyone is getting back into the swing of school and chores. I am glad to see that at least things are going to be doable, and we haven't added way too much.
  • The girls had set out blankets in the living room, and they all were working on their tomorrow's school work. Campbell and Keaton had copied exactly what Reagan's was doing. At 2, the three little's went to the pool. I ran on the treadmill while they were there and then had plans of meeting them and swapping with Robby.
  • However, thunder interrupted their swim after an hour so they headed home after trying to wait it out. So I headed to the grocery store to pick up some of our necessities. I filled my cart, buying nothing on sale and thankfully didn't spend over a hundred dollars. I don't like spending a ton of money when I didn't buy any real meals.
  • I raced home trying to beat the storm. I made it and was unloaded and in the shower before it started raining here. Around 5:15, we loaded up to head to Robby's work. They have a new cafeteria, and the folks that worked on it were invited to the soft opening tonight.
  • They had tons of food which my crew happily ate. Nuggets and mac and cheese for the three littles, hamburgers for the big boys, salad and a chicken sandwich for Reagan. I had dirty rice and some type of chicken. Then there were cookies, which we probably ate at least 2 dozen, and other sweets. 
  • Anderson enjoyed sitting in the movie theater room watching a movie; everyone enjoyed the popcorn and skittles that were around. After we toured downstairs, we went up to Robby's desk. Making Robby's desk go up and down and up and down was a hit. Whitman could not wait to get his hands on the button that did this. Later we saw someone who had written all over their wall which was a dry erase board. Whitman was quick to ask if they were allowed to do that.
  • Everyone enjoyed our outing and going home took not time at all compared to the traffic that we had to go through to get there. Once at home, everyone changed their clothes and then had a bit of downtime before bed.

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