September 30, 2018-Spur-of-the-Moment Mid West and Beyond Trip

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Eliabethtown, Kentucky to Little Rock, Arkansas

At one point during the night, Keaton woke me up to tell me to move over. I was indeed laying in the middle of the bed. In my defense though, Keaton had been crawling all over me during the night, and I was just probably trying to get away from her.

Robby said that it sounded like the people above him were running on the treadmill last night. I still think that everyone slept fine. We were all ready and heading to breakfast a bit before we had planned.

I was eating breakfast still, but I think that the kids loaded the car for the most part. When I made it to the car, everything did seem to be back in order. We keep seeing RVs everywhere on our trip. They do seem very tempting, yet it would definitely change the way we travel. Now, after seeing two RVs flipped on this trip, I do have some doubts.

Our first stop this morning was Knob Creek which was Lincoln’s Boyhood home. It was pretty deserted there. Keaton even asked, “are we the only ones here?” Yes, we were the only ones there.

Then it was a short drive through the backroads of Kentucky to arrive at Lincoln’s Birthplace. We have now been there many times, but we still enjoyed seeing the spring that Lincoln collected water from, walking up the steps to the monument and even looking at Lincoln’s cabin. Of course, we watched the film in the visitor’s center-I even stayed awake!

We collected more Jr. Ranger badges from there bringing our trip total to 42 Jr. Ranger badges from this trip. After we left there, the kids worked on finishing up their school work as we drove to Mammoth Cave. We were at the cave last year, but we knew that it had some pretty good picnic spots so that is where we headed.

We went through the exhibits at Mammoth Cave including the gift shop. Campbell is still looking for a souvenir from the trip. Reagan and Campbell are the only ones who don’t have anything from this trip. Campbell is anxious about buying something, but Reagan doesn’t really care.

After we pottied there, we headed on to the picnic area. The picnic started out fine with Robby and I making sandwiches. There was a bee or two around, but it was still okay. Soon there were bees everywhere. We had to be careful about what food we picked up because of the bees. The kids were running and squealing. When we started running and squealing as well, we decided that maybe we should eat in the car.

We did eat in the car, and it was much more pleasant than having to swat at bees. As we left the park, Robby did mention that maybe we should start retiring some places from our travels like Mammoth Cave, Louisville Slugger, Lincoln’s Birthplace. Today’s drive was definitely a section that we have done multiple times in the last few years.

As we stopped for gas in Bowling Green, we noticed the Fruit of the Loom factory. We tried to find a factory tour but instead we found a factory store. As Robby pulled into the parking lot of the outlet store, he said that he knew that he would regret it later tonight.

Campbell left with 3 shirts from the store, I bought 2 for me and Reagan found one. The undies weren’t a super duper deal which is sunfortunate because people always need undies. Gracious me, we definitely know how to mess around a day. We had planned on waking up in Nashville and at 2 we weren’t even in the city yet. There is just too much to see and do!

On the other side of Nashville, we stopped at Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. It was a neat little outside ice cream place. They served burgers so it really reminded me of the Salem Dairy Bar but a bit more festive.

We had just eaten our car picnic so we opted for ice cream. The big boys split an oreo shake, Keaton and Reagan had a mint shake. Keaton thinks that she only likes mint ice cream but honestly, every time she eats any mint ice cream she shakes her head and frowns saying that she doesn’t like it. I just don’t think that she likes ice cream. Campbell and I split a reeces shake. I don’t think that I really like shakes! Robby and Whitman both had huge ice cream sandwiches.

After we ate, we drove a bit further until we stopped for gas and potties. From there until Lonoke I drove. The kids played their ipads until they died. Reagan and Graham both had books on tape that they finished on their ipads. We did have a few potty stops-after eating ice cream and having slushes you definitely need a few stops.

It was almost 9 when we finally stopped for supper. We had been talking about eating at Chick Fil A all day long. Robby is the one who realized that they would be closed since today is Sunday. So McDonalds it had to be. It was way past time to eat and everyone was starving. It is still no Chick Fil A though.

When we made it home, we went right to work unloading the car and unpacking everything. The kids know the drill and all help out. It probably took us an hour but for the most part, things are put away except for a few straggler items here and there.

The dishes are drying, one load of clothes is clean, one is in the dryer and one is in the wash. I have about 3-4 more loads tomorrow. It will be a pretty light school day tomorrow because we did let the kids stay up until 11 tonight. So I know that they will be exhausted tomorrow!

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