October 16, 2018

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  • I will start off the blog saying that I have been a pretty rotten picture taker today. I did carry my camera with me everywhere I went, but still forget to take any pictures. Seriously! I could have had pictures from the Craft's house, from the activity at the library, and from candy stuffing at the church house. I will try to do better tomorrow so you don't have to see pictures of the kids right before they go to bed again.
  • I had not planned on us doing school this morning, but we ended up having to skip our time at the park today. Instead we went to the Craft's house to eat lunch over there. Since it was just a lunch visit, we were able to do a bit of school-3 things from their lists plus our work together. That will help our some on Friday, I hope.
  • After staying busy all morning long, we loaded up to play at the Craft's house. The kids just love getting together with their homeschool friends. Of course the house was loud and pretty wild. The kids did play outside most of the time, despite the rain that continued to fall. 
  • Campbell's favorite thing about her time at the Craft's was holding the baby. I held him for about 2 minutes when Campbell insisted that it was her turn. When ever Traci was not holding her baby. Campbell was. She loves her some babies.
  • When then all loaded up and headed to the Benton library. One of the moms had arranged for the big kids to participate in an escape room in the library. They had to solve puzzles and find clues to open the lock box of candy. 
  • I think that they all enjoyed it. It might have been a bit difficult, but they all ended up solving it. This did show me, and the rest of the moms, that our kiddos don't really know how to find books in the library. That isn't surprising because when we want a book, we just request it and it is sitting for us on the hold shelf the next time we come. We never have to use that silly dewey decimal system at all.
  • Everyone under 8 was not old enough to participate so they played around in the library. Their library was pretty nice. We had thought that we might have to do a bit more entertaining than we did, but there was plenty to do-guinea pigs, a huge connect 4, computers, play areas, all of that along with the few games that we brought passed time time quickly for the littles.
  • On our way home, we ran by Nonna and Pops' house to drop of a few things. We stayed long enough to eat most of the candy corn and cookies that they had in their house. Then we headed home for less than an hour. 
  • In that half an hour, Keaton and I went through one more of her drawers. We will finish her clothes switch over tomorrow, and Reagan and Campbell will be the only ones left. Now. I think it is almost funny how most years when I am changing clothes, it is still blazing hot outside. However, this year it was in the 40s today. Craziness.
  • A bit before 5, we headed to church. We had signed up to help pack the candy bags for GS Fest. When we walked in, Reagan was quick to whisper to me, "it is all old people here." Indeed it was for the most part, that was fine though because we still enjoyed it.
  • They had pizza, drinks and cake for our supper. Then it was time to stuff the bags-each bag had a handful of candy plus lots of pieces of papers (track, survey, brochures, etc.) The kids worked incredibly well, the entire time. 
  • Well, Whitman started off trying to help, but soon lost interest. That was fine and he found a corner with Robby's phone and watched a few movies. Keaton did great at stuffing bags but ended up finding her sweet spot being a runner for Robby. Campbell, Graham and Anderson bounced around stuffing bags, counting bags, and pouring candy. Reagan was at another table away from us stuffing bags. She said that she liked all the old women at her table because they were funny. 
  • Everyone had a good time and in less than 2 hours we had stuffed almost 3,000 bags. From there, we headed home for showers. Then surprisingly, it was still early and we felt like we had a decent evening at home. That was kind of nice since tomorrow will be another busy day.

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