October 6, 2018

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  • We didn't have to be at Burns Park until 10 this morning, but that still meant that we were doing a lot of scrambling around this morning. It is a Saturday after all!
  • In fact we would have made it to the game on time, had we not missed the exit. It was still very early in the game when we did arrive though. And bless, we didn't miss anything. Zach's team played hard the entire game but they just didn't have a chance.
  • Despite the score, the game was pleasant especially since we were sitting in the shade. After the game, we went with all of the family to Damgoode Pies. I was going to type that the food was good, but it was not damgoode. However, I can't even say that the food was good. We waited 45 minutes for our food which is acceptable for pizza. Then they gave us the wrong pizza. It was a super meaty one which they did leave at the table while they made us the sausage we had ordered. 
  • Neither was very good to me. Though I think that I have decided that I just don't need to ever go back to a pizza place again. A to-go pizza is fine like Papa Johns or Pizza Hut, but other than that I don't want pizza again. Nor do I ever want chicken wings again. Or a Sonic shake. I guess if I keep eliminating foods that I don't want, then I will eventually lose some weight.
  • We did make up for the pizza with a good afternoon nap. The kids were quiet so we napped well Afterwards, we were super productive so we didn't feel guilty about our nap. Though I don't usually feel guilty about my naps, Robby does however.
  • Robby cut the boys hair, and I helped cut his hair. I straightened the house and went through 3 bins of clothes pulling out winter clothes for Whitman. This week my goal is to go through the kids clothes-well, maybe just the boys clothes this week.
  • Robby and Keaton went to pick up supper-you guessed it: pizza. He had some shops to do so that dictated supper. We took our food to the Wilson's house along with Cash who was spending the night. Shannon had the most delicious dessert ever which we definitely enjoyed.
  • We stayed way too long. When we made it home, the girls showered first. Some days I feel like I am working in a doctor's office. My people are pretty healthy but gracious. Tonight, Graham's eye was itchy so he needed medicine and eye drops. Anderson has an odd blister like thing on his foot that we examined and medicated. And Whitman crashed into the fireplace and gave himself a big knot which needed ice. After all of this, we went the crew to bed!

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