October 24, 2018

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  • I think that most people were awake this morning. Anderson was laying in his bed but tried to jump up and scare me when I came to make sure that everyone was awake. I do think that Keaton was the only one that was still asleep this morning. 
  • It doesn't seem to matter how many times I tell the kids to brush their teeth, eat breakfast, or get ready on a Wednesday morning, there always seems to be some scrambling around. This morning Graham and Reagan decided that they were going to toast their bagel right after I told everyone to load up. Things like that don't probably start my day off at the church house on the right foot. 
  • Everyone headed their own way once we made it to Bible study. I think that two of the big kids had to move their snack days since we are going to be gone from Bible study in a few weeks. I also found out that we would miss the kid's program. Campbell and Keaton were not happy about that. However, Graham was relieved and so was Whitman who said that he was reading for that singing stuff to be over with.
  • After Bible study, we headed to the park with our other buddies. The kids enjoyed it. It was actually another group's get together so I had made it clear to the kids that we could not eat their dessert. The kids were very understanding and tried to be patient about missing the dessert. Thankfully, there were 7 pieces left so I finally let them have some. Whitman didn't like his at all and tore it into pieces until he finally gave the rest to me. 
  • Once at home, everyone worked on their chores, reports and jr. ranger books. It was a pretty busy afternoon, and I was just pulling supper off the stove at about the time that we really needed to leave.
  • We still made it to the church house in a decent time, and I had time to drop off my brownies, pick up a parking pass, buy tickets for gsfest and check in everyone before it was time for my to be at my post. After watching the preschoolers play outside for a bit, I did discover that it is cold outside. 
  • After church while the kids were playing outside, I stayed in the warm-ish church house. Once we finally made it home, the kids had their showers and a snack before it was finally bedtime. Wednesdays are a pretty long day so you would think that things would be a bit quieter upstairs than they are. 

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