October 13, 2018

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  • We began our morning with the alarm ringing to wake us up for the annual pancake breakfast down the road at the Crystal Fire Department. We had told the kids that they didn't have to go if they didn't want to, so of course Reagan slept in. Also for some strange reason Graham also decided to stay in the house and on the xbox.
  • Whitman, Anderson and Keaton joined us though since Campbell had already been to the pancake breakfast with Nonna and Pops. Whitman was excited about the breakfast for two reasons-first firefighters and second because the pancakes were not coming from a box.
  • The pancakes were indeed not from a box. There were plenty of pancakes along with sausage, bacon and lots of orange juice. We ate plenty of pancakes before looking at the fire trucks for a few minutes.
  • We went back home for a little bit, long enough for Nonna and Pops to bring Campbell home. Then we loaded up with Keaton, Campbell and Anderson. One of those children was not too excited about coming, but he needed a few shirts to wear along with some Sunday shoes. 
  • Our first stop was going to be down the road at the church's bake sale. Unfortunately, they had closed their bake sale up early so there were no treats for us. We did go to the library where they were passing out huge bowls of BBQ from a local BBQ place.
  • As we were getting out bowl of BBQ nachos, Campbell noticed the prize buckets and asked if she won that would she get to keep it all. Seconds later, the lady spoke to the crowd and said that the winner of the prize bucket would have "winner" written on their bowl. Just as she said that, the lady handed Campbell her bowl of nachos. She lifted it up and indeed there was the word "winner." 
  • Campbell could not have been more excited. Her brother and sister tried to be excited for her but weren't too thrilled. She was good though and worked hard at sharing her goodies when she came home. Though I don't think that she ever offered me anything. 
  • Our next stop was for flu shots for Robby and me. Keaton was worried that she was going to have to get one. I tried to remind her that she had already had hers, but she wasn't too convinced. Afterwards, we quickly found Anderson 2 new tshirts and new shoes. He was relieved that our shopping was brief-he doesn't know though that he has at least one more shopping trip with me. I don't have a good handle on his sizes yet, so he needs to be there.
  • By the time we made it home, the wonderful rain had started. It was magical and so was my nap! We snoozed until it was time to wake up and get ready for supper. Even though we had already been to Sams today, Robby had to run back there for hamburgers tonight.
  • It was worth his trip because his hamburgers are pretty delicious. The Wilsons came over and Shannon brought her cheese dip and cookies. We had intended to make apple fritters tonight but after eating all of Shannon's cookies, we decided that we better save those for another night.
  • The game didn't end too well, but the evening was still pretty good. After the game ended, the kids straightened for a little bit and then a few had showers before tomorrow.
  • Keaton is a wee bit excited about tomorrow-before bed she asked me how many minutes it would be until Sunday!

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