October 22, 2018

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  • At one point during the night, I woke up and was freezing. I think that I was actually shivering, but then when my alarm went off, I was burning up. At some point in the morning, the heat kicks on so I probably need to be out of bed before that happens otherwise I start my day of sweating. Though I probably should wear some socks and pants to bed to help for when I do have to get out of the bed before the heat turns on since it will still be cold in the house.
  • Graham was the only one that was awake this morning. We had a bit more time today than we have lately in the morning, but we are still eating every breakfast in my bedroom lately. That is a bit frustrating to me since I usually read at breakfast and have now lost that reading time. It is fine though, and we are all probably enjoying the extra, much needed sleep.
  • School went fairly well today for a Monday. It did go much better than Friday, but Friday was pretty much horrible. My boys seemed to be the ones causing drama lately. I know that will soon change it will be someone else's turn.
  • Some days, I struggle to get all of school done withe kids. I have always thought that I should take a picture of everything that we work on each day-what we do as a group and then the pile of books that I do with each kid. It is a bit overwhelming when I think about it. Today, though, I finished working with everyone except for Reagan. She did two days of work so that is two days of work that I have to check when she is finished. It takes me a while so tomorrow we will be able to do her other work to catch up. 
  • We had all pretty much finished by 12:30 so we started on our lunch then. Afterwards, the kids started on their chores and all of the other things going on today. I had to leave for an eye doctor appointment at 2 so I wasn't around for too much of the afternoon-especially after having to wait for 45 minutes before seeing the eye doctor. 
  • Once I was back home, I helped Campbell finish her school and then we worked on her clothes' drawers. Her drawers are fairly empty even compared to Reagans. Reagan did her own drawers and did have a pile of clothes that she no longer wanted. It is nice when they can not only do things themselves but also do things well.
  • I then had time to do some reading with Whitman before getting ready to leave again. This was Bunko night so as soon as Candice drove in the driveway, I went running to the car. I do love my kiddos but I am rarely without them so Bunko is a special treat. We even managed to browse at a few stores before bunko. 
  • Everyone back at home did a bit of straightening before they all ate their supper-chicken sandwiches. Robby said that everyone liked them so that is definitely a win and will be a repeat meal.
  • At 7:30, Graham had his basketball tryouts. Robby ran him there and said that they weren't too bad. Tomorrow will be my turn with Campbell and Keaton having their tryouts. Once they made it home, the last few folks started on their showers and then it was finally bedtime.

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