October 3, 2018

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  • The big boys were the only ones awake this Wednesday morning. Everyone else was moving as slowly as I was. It would have been a good day to stay in bed all morning long. But two of my favorite things happen on Wednesday-my bagel for breakfast and my haul of books from the library.
  • We did have to scramble to leave the house near our normal leaving time. Of course, I still didn't get into too much of a rush because we have built in some extra time. Reagan said this morning that she just wants to be late one time. Not going to happen on my watch-at least I hope not.
  • Bible study is always good. The kids always enjoy it. Graham was pleased to bring in his 2 pans of banana nut bread. The kids ate some of it, but didn't even finish one pan. This evening I was fretting over what I was going to do with all of the leftover bread. I gave Whitman some snack choices, and he could barely contain his excitement over the banana bread. I had forgotten how much he loves it.
  • We had our picnic lunch at the park. Even though it was warm today, a breeze was blowing and we were still comfortable. My big boys went home with Noah. They were pretty excited about this. Of course my little girls were not excited at all about not getting to go home with anyone.
  • We had a quiet, wonderful afternoon. I could have taken a nap, but I chose to walk on the treadmill. I am still not sure if I made the right choice or not. Afterwards, it was time to head back to a church house.
  • On the way, we stopped at the library. I gathered my weekly books. My library basket is about to fall plumb apart. I probably should put a replacement basket on my list. I need something that can haul 25ish books so a bag wouldn't really work. 
  • After church, I let the kids play on the playground for about 5 minutes. Then it was home for showers, snack and bed.

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