October 10, 2018

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  • Everyone did sleep well last night. Though Campbell and Keaton were in Campbell's bed when I woke them up this morning. Campbell said that Keaton was scared. I asked her if she was afraid of the storm last night but reminded her that it didn't even thunder during the night (at least not that I heard.) Reagan was quick to mention that even though it didn't thunder, there was a lot of lightening. I am not too sure how Keaton was able to see the lightening from her bed to be afraid. But they were sleeping soundly together when I woke them up this morning.
  • It doesn't seem like too long ago that Reagan didn't take too much care in her hair. Now though, she wakes up early and sits in front of the mirror curling her hair. She begs to do the girls' hair, watches videos about different hairstyles and even will do her hair for school. Things sure change pretty quickly.
  • Today was Bible study. Anderson had snack so he was very happy to bring his snack. And I do believe that it was a hit since one teacher requested the recipe. Afterwards, we headed to the park with my small group.
  • Since we were at the park with my small group, it did mean that my crew were some of the oldest. They didn't seem to mind and still had a good time. It was even the same park that we went to last week, but no one seemed to care. Reagan's cupcakes were a big hit which I am sure made her very proud.
  • Once at home, the kids worked on their chores before we did some reading. I have almost changed over the boys clothes to their winter clothes which is really more like putting in bigger clothes and taking out smaller clothes. They still have plenty of shorts and t-shirts since that is all that they wear.
  • Soon, it was time for us to turn around and head to the other big church house. The kids are always anxious to get to church as early as we can. However after eating a bit of supper here and then running to the library, we usually just arrive right on time. 
  • After church, the kids played on the playground for a bit before we headed home. Robby needed our help to move his tractor back to the garage. The kids enjoyed helping him move the tractor-6 people pushing a tractor up a hill is always exciting.
  • We had a snack, Anderson took his meds and then it was a fairly low key night until bed.

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