October 8, 2018

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  • I had a whole long list of things to do today along with accomplishing our school. However, at 8 this morning, I was on the phone making a doctor's appointment for this afternoon. That wasn't my original plan but plans are made to change. More on the ill child later.
  • I was almost awake in time to wake everyone up to eat breakfast in the kitchen. Almost. Everyone still had time to make their waffles before we started on our morning reading. I knew that we had lots to do today since we were back to a full schedule after our lighter day on Friday.
  • School went well and everyone finished before lunch. I can say that everyone finished by lunch because lunch was almost at 1. The kids have work that they have to do each day (math, grammar, etc.) but they have other things that they choose what they want to do each day. They usually have to pick 5 a day each day. Not surprisingly, on Mondays they seem to pick the easiest things leaving other days of the week to be more difficult. 
  • After lunch, Anderson and I loaded up for the doctor. Whitman rode along too since he had a bit of school to do and there is no time better to do school than when you are trapped in a doctor's office. 
  • On Friday, Anderson had like a pimple on his foot. By Saturday it looked like a blister, but by Saturday night, it looked like a boil. We relieved some pressure on it and have been keeping it doctored. However, it still had some red around the edges that was concerning us.
  • It concerned Dr. Martin too so she prescribed some meds for him. We have just started practicing swallowing pills around here-mini m&ms. Unfortunately, she said that his meds would be larger than that. So he was given liquid-about a cupful a day. (Not quite, but nearly)
  • After the doctor, it seemed to take forever for us to get the medicine. We did celebrate the boys' successful flu shots. Whitman was able to get the flu mist which is back. Possibly later this week, I will take the others to get their shots.
  • When we came home, we did some together work, and I worked some more with Whitman. Then Robby, Anderson, Graham, and Campbell headed off to church for a car and catfish evening. They all had lots of fun and especially enjoyed the cookies for dessert.
  • Reagan picked out chicken for supper so I let Keaton pick the veggies-black beans and green beans. After they ate, I did the treadmill for a bit. Then Keaton asked to play a game so we played Sorry with Whitman.
  • Once everyone made it home, we had some downtime before heading to bed.

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