October 25, 2018

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  • School again this morning. Things went fairly well this morning. Graham was finished with school pretty early so he started on his chores. Reagan and Keaton were finished next. Whitman was even finished with about 30 minutes left before lunch. 
  • Anderson is slow and steady so he was finished a bit after lunch. Now, Campbell has decided that her school work is too hard and that she doesn't like school. So her current school work ethic is pretty lacking. She spends most of her time not working or causing a disturbance. Hopefully this phase will be short lived. 
  • I made time for a shower before lunch. I even washed my hair. I guess that tells enough about how good our school day was really going. I should have been pulling out school for next week but instead I decided washing my hair was more important because there will be no time for that tomorrow.
  • Our afternoon was spent getting things ready for tonight and tomorrow. Whitman worked on his report about our trip for a few minutes. It was a fairly low key afternoon. At one point, I wondered why I had a bit of extra time. I then realized that our afternoon reading, which I had skipped today, just takes a bit of time.
  • At 3, we loaded up for the Museum of Discovery. We have passes that are about to expire at the end of this month. Whitman had even asked me about it during church on Sunday. We walked around the museum for an hour and a half until the museum was closed. 
  • Robby then picked us up, and we began our evening of museum hopping. First we did run by McDonalds we could grab a bit of supper. I had the juiciest chicken sandwich ever from there. It was pretty delicious, and surprisingly, my chicken was larger than my bun. 
  • Nine downtown museums participated in Boo-seum tonight. Each one had games and candy, and if you visited all 9 during the 3 hours then you would be entered in a drawing. Of course, we were all about that. At times it felt like we were on the tv show Amazing Race as we saw as much as we could as fast as we could. 
  • The first stop was the Mosaic Templers Cultural Center. They had popcorn, drinks, games and bags of candy for the kids. It was a very happening place. Next we went to the Old State House, then Heifer International. Some places had more than others, but we did leave with at least some candy at each stop.
  • The Whitt Stevens Nature Center and Museum of Discovery were right near each other. The Museum of Discovery was even passing out books. Then we ran through the Curan Hall. Robby just dropped us off here. He did that at most of the stops. At many of them, he was able to park and then come meet us. However, we just ran in and then ran back out. 
  • At the MacArthur Museum the kids popped huge beautiful balloons to win a prize. Then Art Center Terry Mansion was quite entertaining. They had a haunted mansion. Keaton wasn't too sure about it, but when they said we could leave if we needed we were soon in line. Keaton hung on to Reagan or maybe Reagan hung on to Keaton. I am not too sure. I hung on to Whitman just to make sure he didn't have a problem. Now, Graham was also a bit skittish at times and so was Campbell.
  • It was about a 5 minute haunted house. At one point, it seemed that they pulled someone from the audience and chopped off their hand. It was just an actor, but to Whitman he wasn't so sure. So during the stillness of the moment, he shouted, "is this for real?" After that event and after someone jumped out of a door way at him later, he insisted on a "nice bedtime story" tonight. We never tell bedtime stories, but he did get a "nice bedtime story" tonight. 
  • We ended the evening at the Historic Arkansas Museum. Surprisingly, we had plenty of time there so we let the kids walk on the twinkie walk until just about everyone won. On the way home, we had to run to Kroger. We needed bread for lunches tomorrow, but after buying bread I decided to buy lunchables to just make everything that much easier. 
  • Once at home, we unloaded the car-candy, costumes, trash, groceries, coats. All of that was unloaded and put away, and we started loading the car again. The kids were delighted when we told them that they did indeed have a few minutes to look at their candy before bedtime.

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