October 2, 2018

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  • Graham was the only one awake this morning at 7:40 as I went upstairs to wake up my sleeping crew. Everyone is still tired-me included. I think that we just are built for living on the road and not this school everyday thing.
  • It took me a while, but I finally did wake everyone up. I let them eat their breakfast as I read to them in my bedroom. We read until 9, and then everyone started on their school work. This was the first official day back at school, and things did go pretty well.
  • Whitman spent a lot of time in his tent doing his school work. He did disappear for a while until I found him watching a movie. He told me that Keaton said that he could have a break. Gracious. It takes a village for him to finish his school work-Graham helped, Keaton helped, I helped and I even think that Campbell helped him with his school work.
  • After we finished school, we finally had our lunch around 12:45. I had finished everything except for proofing something for Anderson and helping Reagan with her East work. No one seemed to be too worried about eating their lunch, but they did eventually show up when I called them.
  • Chores were the next thing on the list. Keaton did do a great deal of Reagan's chores. She received payment in candy. I guess it was a fair trade. We did all have to work on putting Whitman's fort up. I told him that he could put it up right after lunch or right before supper. He picked after lunch. It was probably a good thing because the fort continually grew during the day. More blankets, more flashlights, more clips and more toys under it.
  • Graham has snack tomorrow at Bible study, so he made banana bread to take tomorrow. I think that he enjoyed cooking without any one else in the kitchen. Well, I was in the kitchen, but I don't think that I count.
  • It was nearly 5:15 when I was able to get supper hot. We had ravioli which is usually a winner with everyone. That is good because I have plenty of leftovers. Soon Robby came home and Grannymom and Grandpa came over.
  • They brought over Keaton's birthday presents. She was anxious to have her new swing hung so after she opened it, Grandpa and Robby went to work hanging it. Since Keaton opened presents, she also thought that she needed candles to celebrate her birthday once again. I don't think you can celebrate too little though.
  • After the swing was hung, everyone had a few chances to swing on it. After Grannymom and Grandpa left, it was time for showers for everyone and packing out lunches for tomorrow. It was another good day but tomorrow will be a busy day!

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