October 20, 2018-Happy 12th Birthday (party) Anderson!

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  • One of the girls that spent the night last night had to leave early for soccer, so I woke up when my alarm went off to wake her up. I could quickly tell that I didn't need to wake up since the floor was already creaking and popping above me. Those girls were already awake, and it seemed as if they were having a dance party.
  • Soon Robby was making pancakes for breakfast. We had orange juice, pancakes and strawberries-I think it was the breakfast of champions. Soon the girls ran outside to play so that gave me some time in the kitchen.
  • First I did some straightening, then I wrapped the kids teachers' gifts for Christmas. Yep, you read that right. I was able to mark that off of my list which made me super happy! Then I started pulling out school work for next week.
  • That is when all of the mommas arrived to claim their little girls. We all chatted for a while, but then when they left we did some more picking up. Soon though I was in the chair snoozing during the first half of the Razorback game. 
  • Keaton and Robby ran to Sams and to Grannymom's house during the last half of the game. I took my shower, worked on Anderson's party some and then went through 3 tubs of clothes with Reagan and Campbell. Out of those 3 tubs, they found pretty much about 10 things that fit. I also found 2 vests that Reagan okayed for me to wear.
  • Once Robby came home we unloaded his groceries and then did some work outside in the garage. Before too long it was party time! I was a bit worried that Anderson wasn't going to have enough folks at his party to feel like a party, but it couldn't have been any better.
  • Those boys all seem to be at the perfect age-they still enjoyed everything that we did. Anderson had wanted to play games at his party, and I think that all of the games were just a hit! The neighbors arrived about the same time as Andrew. Ethan wasn't too far behind and soon we started our games.
  • The boys guessed how many skittles were in the jar. Anderson, who had asked Google earlier, ended up winning. Then we played a round of "cups and downs" where the teams had to flip cups up or down depending on their team. 
  • Next was the favorite game of all and the easiest one-a mound of flour with a piece of candy on top. Then the kids took turns slicing off some of the flour trying not to knock the candy down. If you do knock the candy down, then you have to stick your face in the flour to eat the candy. They loved it so much that we played it 3 different times.
  • Then we ate supper-hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and potato salad. The boys filled the table-two nights in a row we had our house filled with people-pretty wonderful. After supper, we played a game where the kids had to put on oven mitts and try to open and eat a candy bar with a knife and spoon. 
  • Anderson opened his presents next-legos, a blanket, gift cards, a remote control car, the boy just really hit the jackpot. He was super pleased. I truly had been stressed about his birthday tonight, and it couldn't have turned out any more wonderful. 
  • Next up was pudding pictionary followed by candles on Oreo delight. Anderson had requested oreo delight and told me that he wanted Grannymom to make it. I had assured him that his daddy had the same recipe and could make it as well as Grannymom so I hope that it did meet his expectations.
  • After dessert, we played a round of spoons before everyone started heading home. Andrew's parents and Jason were the last to leave after chatting for a while. Then it was time for showers and picking up around here. And it should be of no surprise, but Anderson has already opened up his legos and gone to town working on those.

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