October 9, 2018

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  • I woke up plenty of time to get on the treadmill this morning. I was even wide awake but decided to turn off the alarm and sleep just a bit more. It think it was a pretty wise decision! I enjoyed my little bit of extra sleep and unfortunately, will probably enjoy it tomorrow as well again neglecting the treadmill.
  • Today was again a pretty busy day. The kids worked hard on their school work or they mostly worked hard on their school work. Everyone seemed to be finished at a decent time and I did fly through my work together with the kids.
  • Whitman still loafs around all day long. He is not in any hurry at all and take his sweet time on everything! Now, if he is working on phonics or math then he moves at a snail's pace. I am going to try to start him working on these things first in the morning.
  • We had our lunch and then went to work on things around the house. Anderson finished his podcast for his library class. Both big boys went through the clothes in their closet with me. Anderson helped me make two recipes of chocolate chip cookie dough ooey gooey to take to Bible study tomorrow.
  • Reagan had actually finished her today's school work yesterday. So this morning she volunteered to make cupcakes for my Bible study class picnic. I had cake mix and canned icing so it wouldn't have been that difficult. Except the Reagan went all out. She made oreo cream to fill the cupcakes with and then made another oreo icing to top them with. They will be absolutely delicious! She worked nearly all morning on them though.
  • At 3:30, we headed to get everyone else their flu shots. I can't yet mark "flu shots" off of my list because Robby and I still have to get ours. Everyone was super relieved that they could get the mist and not the shot this year.
  • The next stop was back to the pharmacy to get the rest of Anderson's medicine. To me his foot looks about the same, but it doesn't look any better so that is good. Then we had some time to kill before picking up pizzas so we ran to Michaels and the Dollar Tree.
  • Then it was home for pizzas. Afterwards, the kids packed their lunches for tomorrow and had their showers. Next up, we went through all of the shoes in the house putting up our summer duds and pulling out our winter shoes.
  • We ended the evening with watching Singing in the Rain in the bonus room while waiting on Robby to get home from working late. The movie was fairly interesting, and everyone was enjoying their snacks when my phone started to buzz.
  • It said "tornado warning." Hmm, I wasn't too sure of what to do so I made everyone come downstairs so I could turn on that tv to check the weather. By this time, I was doubting myself because the sirens weren't blaring yet. Within seconds of turning on the tv, the sirens were screaming, and I saw the street name "congo ferndale"
  • I soon pushed my kids in Robby's office/pantry/closet/tornado room. They all grabbed their ipads on the way in. It didn't take long for our closet to get a bit warm with 7 people! We were pretty relieved when Shannon wrote and gave us the all clear. 
  • Robby was home a bit after the tornado warning had passed. He just dealt with some rain on the way home. Once he made it home, everyone talked about their day before heading to bed.

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