October 27, 2018

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  • At about 8:45, I went to make sure that everyone was awake. Anderson and Graham were both awake and on their devices. I could see that Reagan's light was off so I gently opened the door and saw a little light on with Reagan and Camryn both sitting on the beds eating something. I told them good morning and asked what they were eating. "Candy," they both said in unison. 
  • Soon everyone was in a car pulling out of the driveway. Robby took the boys to go and pick up the little 3 and Cash. While I took Camryn and Reagan to go and pick up Laynie. Robby stopped at Sonic for his car full so I did as well. 
  • We both arrived at church at about the same time. Robby was chatting so I headed in the gate with 9 kiddos. I let the big kids loose with little instructions and not even a meet up time. They headed off to the big rides.
  • I had Campbell, Keaton, Laynie and Whitman with me. They followed pretty close behind the big kids and Campbell and Laynie were soon on a crazy upside down ride. Whitman jumped on a mini ferris wheel. 
  • Shortly after, I ended up on some crazy spinny ride. I could at least hold on to the middle part and slow our spinning down. However, I was going backwards so that didn't help my head very much. I have figured out if I focus my eyes on one thing and don't look around or turn my head, then I can survive many of these rides.
  • I did say that I could survive "many" of those rides because there was one that I knew they would want for me to ride but I was not. Keaton was too short even if I would have gone with her but she was still pretty upset that she didn't get to ride. 
  • There were lots of rides-a ferris wheel, which Campbell and Whitman were on for what seemed like forever. A spinny ferris wheel that all of the big kids enjoyed but most have been pretty intense because you had to step over vomit on the exit! A carousel, kiddie roller coaster, kiddie motorcycles, kiddie tractors and of course my favorite-the slide!
  • Around noon, we all stopped for lunch. Then it was back on the rides of the kids. There was about a group of 10 that were running around together. The big kids were given quite a bit of freedom, and they soaked it up. 
  • Whitman and I hit up the preschool playground where they had lots of games to play with candy prizes. He is very selective on his candy choices; if he didn't want any of the candy pieces from the bucket, then he wouldn't get anything. 
  • Above all of the rides, Whitman enjoyed the bouncy houses more. Robby and I even got in on the bouncy house action and played some type of game on one of them. I do think that I won one round. 
  • Around 2, I headed home with the boys. My boys were certainly ready to head home, and I heard no complaints from them.  We dropped off Cash on the way home. Then I went to work unloading the car, folding my laundry and pulling out school for next week. Robby stayed with the girls for another hour.
  • He actually ended up leaving Reagan there with the Heltz to play for a little bit longer. He dropped of the McGuires and then headed home. We snoozed on the bed for about 30 minutes until Whitman wanted me to come and look at all of his candy that he had spread out. 
  • I then made Hobo bread-I had loved it at Greenfield Village, and it had been on my short list of things to make. It was actually a bust. It wasn't very sweet. Just kind of tasteless bread. I was pretty disappointed about it actually. 
  • At some point in the evening, the boys headed to the neighbors house to spend the night. Graham wrote around 9 saying that he didn't feel good. I told him that he could certainly come home and he did. He said that his stomach hurt a little bit. I am sure that it did after eating junk for the last few days and being completely exhausted from the last few days of business sure didn't help at all. 
  • Out of all of the Dennie kids, Graham is the one who becomes the most tired so I am sure that is mainly what it is. I do hope that he isn't getting a sickly, but right now he is sleeping soundly. 
  • Reagan came home about 6 after spending all day in the church parking lot at GSFest. Her face is so sunburned-yesterday we were freezing out there, and today most of us are a bit sunburned. Crazy Arkansas weather.
  • We went to the Wilson's for a little bit this evening leaving Reagan at home to rest. That is when Graham came home so it worked out. We did text her to make sure that she knew he was coming home so he wouldn't scare her. 
  • At the Wilsons, we made some apple fritters. They were pretty good especially topped with ice cream. We didn't stay out too long because Campbell and Keaton still needed showers when we came home. Everyone is exhausted around here, and I am already looking forward to tomorrow's Sunday afternoon naps. 

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