October 1, 2018

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  • I knew that the kids would be tired today and the ever growing mountain of clean clothes was daunting to me, so school was lessened today. It was actually made much less-the kids just had to do their Bible study for the week along with 3 other items.
  • They could also eat breakfast on their own and then play their ipads when they are finished. I did tell everyone that I would have to wake them all up by 10:30 because we did our first round of working together at 11. 
  • I really would have thought that my boys would have slept late too, but they were awake before my alarm went off. I could hear them in the school room working. I did let Whitman go ahead and start on his ipad until I could help motivate him for his boxes.
  • When I did pull out my Bible study to work on and told him to get his boxes, he was tickled that he only had to do 3 boxes of school work. Tonight, I reminded him that tomorrow he would have to do it all. He just replied with, "well, it is only 10 boxes."
  • Campbell was awake by the time I started folding the laundry. I only put away mine and Robby's so the kids had huge piles of laundry to take upstairs. They had a shirt pile, shorts pile, sock pile, undie pile, pajama pile and even a coat pile. These piles took up over half of my bedroom.
  • I walked on the treadmill at 10. So it was around 10:45 when I came downstairs. Reagan was just walking down the steps, but I did have to go and wake up Keaton. She was fairly easy to wake up.
  • At 11, we did all of our work together which is still my favorite part of the day. Afterwards, I cleaned up the mess of school books, and then we started on lunch. The kids are all into making eggs for lunch. This is fine with me but it takes so much longer and there is so much moving around that I can hardly read.
  • Chores were next. I spent a good deal of time helping Anderson with an assignment on the computer and trying to put up a few things from the trip. At 2, we worked on a Jr. Ranger book and then played a round of states bingo.
  • Nonna and Pops came over to see everyone after our trip this afternoon. They visited and Whitman showed off his fort. Once they left, I had the kids watch a Louie Giglio video. Then we had a few minutes of downtime before heading to meet Robby for supper.
  • We met at the car wash. He washed the car and then him and the boys worked on vacuuming out the car. Robby didn't ask them to help but they were jumping at the chance to help. Afterwards, we ate supper at Chick-Fil-A since we were all still craving it from last night.
  • I ran to Walmart with Keaton and Campbell afterwards-needed milk, bananas, shoes for Whitman and even found a jacket to put on Keaton's xmas list. When we came home, everyone put on their pjs before we all had some ice cream to celebrate a successful Monday.

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