October 4, 2018

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  • I think I am going to have to get myself a louder alarm clock or possibly go to sleep before 1. Either way, I hit snooze until almost 8. Then it was a mad scramble to wake everyone up, have them grab their breakfasts and get started with our reading as soon as we could.
  • We were finished with our reading and Latin by 9:10ish so that was a win. Some days we can fly through things. This is our first year to do Latin. It started off easy but is getting progressively more difficult. It probably doesn't help that I can barely remember anything much less a foreign language without writing it down on my list.
  • School was fairly uneventful. I told Robby that if I just prepare myself mentally each day that doing school is a 8-5 job, then I am a bit less frazzled when school is still happening in the afternoon.
  • School was indeed still happening this afternoon. Robby and I left the house to eat lunch out today. We devoured tons of chips and salsa. Then both of our meals were delicious. We even topped off our meals with a sopapilla for each of us. I am still stuffed from lunch! But that sopapilla might just be my new favorite dessert.
  • Back at home, the kids had done some of their chores and some things from their list, but it seems like if I am not around things are done half way. Hmm, it is almost like they are children or something! We worked together again as a group. Then it was time for a few more chores and some catch up school work.
  • Everyone still had a good afternoon with plenty of time to do whatever they wanted. Robby passed out allowances so it still takes a bit of time figuring out their tithe, what goes in their spending and what goes in their savings buckets. It hasn't taken many allowances, and some of the kids are accumulating quite a bit of money. I think I am going to have to start requesting an allowance as well since my kitty is empty.
  • I was on the treadmill when it was time to leave for Pops's house. I scrambled around to get myself ready which doesn't take too long. We soon were at Nonna's and began our celebration of Jason's birthday.
  • Pops had his pork tenderloin that everyone loves and Nonna had two different kinds of beans that my girls love. Then there were brownies and cake. Jason opened presents after we walked over to see Beebee's house and its remodeling process.
  • Then we worked on Graham's Halloween costume. It didn't take too long and since it was the only thing I had to buy this year, I will consider it a win! And yes, the costume-ing has happened a bit early, but we will be wearing those costumes tomorrow night.

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