October 21, 2018

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  • Robby and I went to bed around 2 last night. We were up a bit later than normal straightening the house and then getting the kids to bed. Now, of course we sat around watching a tv show before finally heading to bed already late. On our way to bed, I stopped at the dishwasher to empty it. 
  • However, it had not drained. This happens occasionally lately so I just start it and then stop it which usually forces it to drain. However, it didn't drain when I did that last night. Robby started taking everything out and vacuuming out the water. He could never get it to drain so we just started it again hoping for the best and hoping for non flooded kitchen floor when we woke up.
  • This morning after everyone was up and getting ready, Robby remembered the dishwasher. I had already put paper plates all around the kitchen hoping that the kids would grab those instead of real ones just in case the dishwasher had indeed bit the dust. 
  • It had drained and drained very well. So that was good, now hopefully tonight it will drain just as well, and we have a bit more time with this dishwasher before it needs a replacement. Though I was looking at dishwashers online last night-they do have some nice ones. There are some with 3 racks. I was swooning over them until I scrolled up and saw the price tags. Ouch!
  • We then loaded up for church. Robby climbed in the car and started it. Gracious if that car didn't shake like it was about to explode. He turned it off and started it again and the same thing. We tried to convince ourselves that it was cold or upset about not being driven since Friday. Either way, it was a bit unnerving. 
  • However, once Robby put it in reverse and we backed out of the garage, all was well. It didn't do it after church so hopefully all is well. If the car is going to have any problems though we need it to happen now and not in a few weeks while we are driving to the tip of Florida.
  • Since things happen in threes, I will mention that I am also currently battling ants. There are a few in the kitchen but they are in the boys room coming from the ceiling! What in the world. Of course we are out of ant spray after going to the store today, yesterday, the day before and probably the day before that. I had not, and still haven't put it on a list. I did spent a good while finding and making a "non toxic ant spray safe to use in the house." I am not too concerned about my ant spray being "non toxic" or even "safe to use in the house." I am just concerned with killing those suckers.
  • Back to the day....there was big church. In church, a man in the balcony did pass out so I spent the sermon watching the commotion and answering Whitman's questions-Yes, Gideon loved God, Yes, we need to go camping, No, It is not almost over and the questions just kept coming. I am surprised that I even hear any part of the sermon. 
  • Next up was Sunday school where my 3rd graders won the candy competition and were rewarded with doughnuts, juice and goodies bags during Sunday school so that made things go a bit quicker. 
  • After church, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house to celebrate Pops' birthday and finish Keaton's birthday celebrations. Pops had hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. We ate up and then Pops and Keaton blew out birthday candles. They also opened presents-Pops weren't as excited as Keaton's presents. He just opened shoes and gift cards while Keaton had an outfit, hair stuff, art stuff, some gift cards and a few other things. 
  • We walked over to Beebee's house afterwards to see the progress over there. It is quite different so hopefully Pops can find a buyer when they put it back on the market. Though Robby was acting willing to move after stressing over the dishwasher last night.
  • Our afternoon was spent napping. The kids didn't nap-they built legos, drove remote control cars, arranged their birthday gifts, watched tv, played the xbox and I think Reagan spent a bit of time getting ready for tonight. 
  • This evening, Robby, Keaton, Campbell and I took Reagan and Alyssa to their life group. On the way home, we stopped at Kroger and did some shopping. We bought some more candy that is on sale along with stuff to make more breakfast burritos. My kids go through them so I plan on doubling the recipe this week when I make them.
  • Once we made it home, the rest of us ate our supper. Then Robby cleaned the kitchen floors while I folded yesterday's laundry. Soon Reagan was home. Then the kids had a bit of down time before it was finally bedtime. 

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