October 11, 2018

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  • So maybe next week we will do better about getting up around here, but there is nothing better than sleeping as late as you can. Well, I guess it would be better if we could actually sleep late and have nothing to do for the rest of the day.
  • Everyone ate their breakfast in my room while I read and read some more. I seem to be doing a lot of reading this year during school. It is pretty fun to me and pretty interesting. I am trying not to look at our progress in our books until Christmas time. Hopefully, then we will be half way finished with at least science and history.
  • Everyone did their work today fairly uneventfully. Reagan had disappeared for a while, and I knew where she was...doing two days of school work. On the other hand, Whitman disappeared for a while today. He was found once locked in the bathroom sitting on the floor, once he was found in the school room closet, once he was found in the bonus room and one time he was found in the school room sitting on a chair while using another chair as a desk and doing his school work. We are definitely making some progress!
  • Everyone had their lunch, and then it was chore time. Whitman did come to me once to tell me that his tummy hurt. I picked him up, and he snuggled up to me putting his head on my shoulder. At first I thought, "oh no, here comes the stomach bug." However a few minutes later, when he seemed to double over in pain, I thought. "oh no, here comes an emergency room visit." Before we went there though, I did suggest that he sit on the potty, and thankfully that was the cure.
  • Nonna and Pops came by to see everyone after their trip to Gatlinburg. They brought us back apple fritter mix along with chocolate candy. The kids went to town on the candy though Campbell and I think Graham gave theirs to me. 
  • The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing with the boys' clothes, going through some drawers upstairs, reading some more to everyone and then getting ready for church.
  • Tonight was Refresh and Campbell, Keaton and Whitman came with me. They all enjoyed it-Whitman gets to go to the game room with the big kids so he really loves it now. Tonight I really enjoyed the speaker and took plenty of notes. 
  • The others went to grab a bite of supper with Robby and stopped by Grannymom and Grandpa's house before coming home, They made it home just a few seconds before we did. I think everyone had a pretty good night around here. 

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