October 7, 2018

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  • Today was Keaton's first time to sing in Big Church with the big kids. She was more than excited. Her clothes had been laid out since yesterday, and before I could take my shower, I was french braiding her hair.
  • Campbell was just as excited even though she has sang with the children's choir for a few years now. Just as Keaton was wearing something new, Campbell also had something new to wear. They were both anxious to arrive at church and arrive on time.
  • Their choir did good. They sang two songs and then sang one with the congregation. Then they came to sit with us-Cash was with us today so our little tribe almost filled the pew. Whitman was pretty squirmy today so I am not sure that I heard any of the sermon.
  • After church, everyone went their own way to Sunday school. We teach Campbell's class for Sunday school. It is a fairly easy class even though we were pretty worried at the first of the year. It is going fairly smooth so far!
  • After church, there was no where to go-Grannymom was out of town, Nonna was out of town, we had to find our own lunch! That was fine since we had plenty of leftovers-I pulled out some mexican, pizza and even pork tenderloin. I think that everyone had enough to eat.
  • The kids played on their ipads, played outside and even had a few snacks while I took a nap. After my nap though, it was time to get to work. I changed over Whitman's clothes to winter clothes (yes, I know it is going to be 90 this week probably.)
  • Robby took Cash home and took Reagan to her Bible study. She really seems to enjoy it which makes me super happy. Campbell and Keaton had gone with Robby so when they arrived home, we worked on supper-chicken taquitos.
  • Afterwards, Robby ran to pick up Reagan. Then the kids had a few minutes to downtime before it was finally bedtime!

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