October 30, 2018

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  • I knew that we would leave at lunch time today, so our school was a bit quick. We did everything this morning, but it was like we did it on speed. 
  • Everyone worked well-I do think that Whitman is finally getting the hang of some things. He finished in time to watch his ipad which made him happy and of course that made me super happy. Even though he had to read with 2 different people today, he still managed to finish! Maybe things are starting to click with my boy who just marches to a different drummer.
  • Campbell had a bit of a rough school day. She tried to turn in her math with quiet a few problems not even done. Then when I circled them and told her to fix them, she melted down saying that she needed my help. I calmly explained that she would get my help after she tried. That didn't go over too well at all! Finally, she did calm herself down and get back to work in time to finish.
  • I actually had a shower this morning before it was lunch time. At noon, I did have everyone straighten the house for a few minutes before we ate. The kids then ate their lunches while I packed up a few things for the evening.
  • Our first stop was our pumpkin patch that we have gone to lately. We were able to play on the playground for a little bit. Then it was time for the hay ride. I do really enjoy this hay ride because it is a real hayride through a real pumpkin patch. 
  • The kids were all able to find pumpkins that they want...now, we just have to carve a few for Halloween which happens to be tomorrow! Whitman loved playing with the hay on the hay ride-he always finds whatever is the messiest and then heads there-hay, corn pit, sand box-I am sure that hay, corn and sand were all in his undies tonight!
  • After the hayride, we played for a bit longer and then we headed to Robby's work. They were having a Fall Fest. Many years ago, they had one in Little Rock that we went to but going in Conway was a first for us. 
  • They had a huge tent set up and under it were tables and chairs along with a buffet line full of candy, chicken, trail mix, pigs in a blanket, popcorn, cookies and cotton candy. Needless to say, we made all of that into our supper. 
  • There were also games with really good candy as the prizes. Most of the kids played the games twice. Whitman didn't because he spent some extra time in the bouncy house. He could have stayed in the bouncy house longer but I bribed him with some more popcorn to get out and head back to the car with us.
  • When we left the plans were pumpkin patch, Robby's work and basketball for the little 2 girls. Sometime during the afternoon, we received an email saying that the basketball was cancelled. Then we heard about our buddies going Trick or Treating so we decided to tag along.
  • Since our costumes were at home, we had Candice break into our house to grab my costume bucket. We then met up and followed them for an evening of Trick or Treating. The kids enjoyed it, but it didn't take too long for Campbell, Keaton and Whitman to get a bit tired. 
  • They had received a lot of candy at Robby's work but almost doubled it with the Trick or Treating tonight. Once home the first thing that everyone did was to dump their buckets, sort their candy and start trading. It is always pretty interesting to watch. A few years ago, everyone would try to take advantage of Whitman, the last few years they were more fair and a non trader was usually watching out for him, but now he is trading for himself and knows exactly what he wants. 
  • Everyone had their showers before it was finally bedtime for the crew. I am trying to decide if I want to go and eat some of their candy or not. I can't eat anything for Campbell or Keaton's bags because they have everything itemized and written on a sign by their buckets!

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