October 18, 2018

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  •  It was so cool in our house this morning. I don't think that anyone wanted to get out of bed. Well, Graham did because he was hard at work on his school work. He was trying to knock out his school because once school is done, then you can use your devices. 
  • And he has just bought a brand new ipad. The kids all have the old, old, super old ipads so Graham was ready for an update. He had to put down a chunk of change to buy it and is super proud of it. 
  • I brought sleeping Whitman to lay in bed with Robby for a few minutes. When I did, I realized that he was wearing 2 pairs of pants. He will occasionally end up with 2 pairs of underwear, but that doesn't seem as odd as two pairs of pants. I asked him about it, and he said that he "savage" and "two pairs are softer." Um, okay whatever makes you happy. 
  • We worked on our school work this morning. Reagan had already finished most of hers and just had one thing to do. Now, even though Campbell set near me today, she still farted around quite a bit. For some reason, 3rd grade does seem to have more work than anyone else and her books that she does with me are at least a foot high. 
  • It was nearly 12:30 when Whitman finally finished his work. I usually have to help him finish his math and phonics since he does everything that is the easiest first. Lunch was kind of scattered like usual-everyone making something to eat-quesadillas, ramen noodles, breakfast burritos, and sandwiches. Of course, my kitchen is a disaster when lunch is over. 
  • This afternoon was spent with some chores and then we worked together a bit more. Anderson, the girls and I eventually loaded up to run some errands. Of course, Anderson was not pleased at all about this but he needed new jeans!
  • Our first stop was at Walmart where Keaton got a new pair of Sunday boots, 2 new pairs of legging, and plates and napkins for her party. Reagan tried on boots but couldn't find the right size. She wanted to squeeze into a smaller size but I wouldn't let her and told her we could order them. She was none to happy with me. 
  • Whitman wasn't with us but I did buy some new pants for him. He has moved up one size which means that his pants are no longer in the little boys section but means that they are in the big boy section. The main difference is the price-4 dollars more! 
  • Anderson left with candy prizes for his party from Walmart. Now at Old Navy, he had to try on a few pairs of jeans until we found the right size. Then we checked out, and as soon as I sat down in the car, I realized that I meant to look for him Sunday shorts in the store. Back in we went-he was not happy at all! It didn't take long- I looked at the men's shorts but then there was a pair of boys shorts hanging on the clearance rack. They fit, and I did a happy dance! Robby did a happy dance when I told him that they were just 4 dollars.
  • A bit after being home, Robby and I made bagel pizzas. Afterwards, everyone worked around the house for a little bit. It doesn't take too long and this place was looking better. We have 2 birthday parties here this weekend and 2 birthday parties that we are going to this weekend. I am opting to skip the pumpkin patch tomorrow because the threat of rain. However, we are going to go right before Halloween because we will stop by Robby's work as well. 
  • Once the house was straight, we watched the end of our Singing in the Rain movie. It finished at 8 so the kids had plenty of time to ask for snacks until bedtime! I should have been a bit more productive during that time, but I was not!
  • Even though this has been a fairly productive day, I still didn't get around to a few things-working with Whitman again, going through Campbell and Reagan's clothes, icing Keaton's cupcakes and getting the games ready for Anderson's party. Oh, well there is always tomorrow.

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