October 14, 2018

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  • Whitman has only one good day of the week! Every day he asks one question, "is it school day?" If it is not school day, then he quickly adds, "is it church day?" If it is neither of these, then he is a happy camper. Today, though was church so he wasn't too pleased at all. It didn't help any when I asked him to put on blue jeans nor it probably didn't help any when I even mentioned that we would get to go back to church tonight.
  • Every morning, I put toothpaste on everyone's toothbrushes. Well, I don't put any on Robby's but all of the kids. During the week, they have to mark brushing their teeth off on their chore list. Today, though they don't have a chore list so I made sure to remind everyone to brush their teeth. I reminded over and over again and only 50% of my people brushed today. I am sorry if you were sitting by one of my non-brushers during church!
  • Lunch today was at Grannymom's house. She had chili which is one of our favorites. Grannymom also had some delicious apple pie. Grannymom and I played Candyland with Whitman. All of the kids played outside and then ended going to Dana's house to see their puppy dogs.
  • Back at home, Robby and I had ourselves a wonderful nap. Whitman should have taken a nap with us because he slept through all of church tonight. Keaton, however, was not sleeping. She was beyond excited. 
  • Reagan had helped pick out Keaton's clothes for tonight-black jeans, grey shirt, pink scarf and high heel boots. The girl was super excited and super proud to get her first grade Bible tonight. So, that brings our Bible total from church up to 8 (First grade Bibles-Robby, Tara, Reagan, Anderson, Graham, Campbell, Keaton, and 6th grade Bible-Reagan) Seriously, we are racking up some Bibles.
  • After church, they had cupcakes and lemonade upstairs for the kids. Keaton and Campbell were at the Craft's table so Whitman had to join all of those girls. 
  • Reagan did leave her Bible in the sanctuary, so afterwards the kids all went in to get it. Anderson was the only one bright enough to ask for a phone for a flashlight. It was quite entertaining watching them hunt for the Bible, then ran out of the sanctuary squealing after Anderson turned off the light.
  • Back at home, we had leftover hamburgers and hot dogs for supper. Then there was plenty of downtime before bed-Reagan watched a Shark Tank and then Graham flipped on some football before it was finally time for bed!

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