October 23, 2018

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  • Robby headed off to work this morning while the rest of us were gathered in my room working on our daily reading. I know I say things like this a lot, but as I set there reading this morning, I just wished that we could just sit and read all morning long.
  • However, I do kind of feel that math and writing and spelling and all of those other things are kind of important too. So after our bit of reading, we moved on to the other less fun stuff. Some times I think about just cutting out all of the extra stuff that we do and just doing the basics. But then I would worry if we were doing enough. 
  • Things did go fairly well today. Graham tried to do two days of school, but he just couldn't make it work today so he did get a bit frustrated. I probably need to encourage him to do a bit extra over a couple of days and then he would have a free day at the end of the week. This however is a short week for us (just 3 days) so everyone's assignment pages are packed full.
  • We had lunch followed by lots of busy work around the house this afternoon. All of the kids are working on reports about our upcoming trip. They are preparing them so they can fill Grannymom and Grandpa in on what we are going to do on our trip. 
  • Campbell, Reagan and I worked on their clothes in their closet. Tomorrow we just have one laundry basket of clothes that were on the floor to put away and then I will be finished with our clothes changeover.
  • We did some more reading this afternoon followed by some Jr. Ranger book work. Whitman and I read a few books and worked on his reading book. We are getting so close to finishing that blasted reading book. 
  • This evening Campbell and Keaton had their basketball tryouts. This is just their first round of try outs because we have to go back next week as well. They had fun and did pretty good. I remember how chilly that gym is and how bored I get sitting there. We will probably have practices 3 different nights this fall so I better get a hobby. Maybe knitting.
  • Robby had supper made when we came home. Everyone else had already eaten. We had more hot dogs and hamburgers along with twice baked potatoes. They were especially delicious. 
  • Afterwards, I made some breakfast burritos to freeze (some-I used 2 pounds of sausage and 2 dozen eggs so yes, I definitely made a few.) Then I made some brownies to take to church for something or another. The kids packed their lunches for tomorrow as the basketball girls took their showers.
  • Whitman is currently downstairs asking for more water. After I gave him his water, I asked for a kiss. Robby then called him over to see him. Whitman told Robby that he was covering his lips for a reason. Robby replied that he kisses Momma on the lips. To which Whitman said, "cause you are married." He continued with, "and besides that kissing spreads germs." That child, gracious!

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