October 12, 2018

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  • As I was about to climb out of bed this morning, Whitman crawled in bed with me. Of course I stayed thinking that maybe if he went back to sleep then I could go back to sleep too, and we could just forget about school. He did lay there so completely still, but no luck on him going back to sleep.
  • So we did our school work. Most everyone finished their school work fairly quickly this morning. Whitman even had time to watch his ipad before lunch which is highly unusual. I was able to pull out everyone's school for next week. That is always a task getting things ready for the next week. 
  • We had our lunch and as soon as we finished, Pops showed up to take Campbell away for the evening. She had been working diligently on her school work and had neglected to pack. She ran upstairs and packed her bag for her night out. Needless to say, they girl was pretty excited.
  • Keaton was also excited because this afternoon I pulled out 5 bins of clothes for her to go through. I had told her that we wouldn't be able to go through them today, but we were able to look at 4 of them before heading off to the library.
  • Today was EAST day for the big kids. They always seem to enjoy it, but they are learning lots of super neat technology stuff. Whitman opted to stay home with Robby. Actually, when I was having him get his clothes on, he asked me if Daddy would be home and if he could stay. Whitman, who would be the best only child, probably loved being in the quiet house all afternoon.
  • After the library, I dropped the boys off at basketball. Then was came home to eat some of Robby's chili. By the time we had finished, it was time for Robby to run and pick up the boys. Even though I had been to the store once this afternoon while the kids were at the library, Robby stopped at store too so he could pick up a few things.
  • Once the boys were home, they had showers and their supper. Then everyone had some ice cream before settling in for a quiet night on their ipads.

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