October 28, 2018

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  • Graham was fine last night though he did say that his stomach still hurt a little bit this morning. He didn't eat any breakfast, but sure did shovel in his cake during lunch today. 
  • Anderson popped in around 8:30. He was quick to say that they stayed up until midnight. He jumped in the shower and soon we headed to the church house.
  • I even heard some of the sermon since Whitman wasn't sitting by me. Though I would have thought that I would have remembered more it, but maybe it is not Whitman and maybe I just have attention deficit disorder that occurs mainly during sermons. 
  • After church, we went to Grannymom's house for lunch. After lunch, the kids all presented their reports about our upcoming trip. Whitman told about route and the main things that we will see and do. Keaton's report was about Legoland. Campbell talked about the Bahamas, Graham about Puerto Rico, and Anderson about our cruise ship. Reagan ended our presentations with a report about the Virgin Islands.
  • We worked on those reports last week. This next week, our extra school work will be writing a newspaper section for our homeschool buddies and the big kids working on their library class stuff. 
  • We ran by the grocery store on the way home from Grannymom's house. Then it was time for our afternoon naps. We did pretty much insist that Whitman have a nap and after a bit of tossing and turning, he was sound asleep. Robby and I were soon sound asleep as well. 
  • We probably could have slept a bit later, but we had to get up to get Reagan to her Life Group. She was ready, but I had to bake the bread for their supper tonight. 
  • Robby then started on supper for everyone else left at the house while I went up to work on putting the kids Christmas trees up. Things were going splendidly until I opened the two new boxes of trees that we had bought for their rooms. GOLD! The trees were gold. I was just disgusted. 
  • I went ahead and brought their old trees which were already by the back door to throw away upstairs. I put one up in the girls room and then started on the boys' tree. It had lights on it that no longer worked, so I spent the next two hours cutting those lights off and putting new lights on it.
  • I had just finished when Robby called on his way home from picking up Reagan. He told me that Reagan wanted the gold tree! All of that work-Robby and the girls did help take down the other tree and put up the gold tree. Alyssa even wants the other tree so things will all work out, but I am still have not started my Christmas holidays on the right foot. 
  • Once all of the trees were put up and properly lit up, then we had a bit of downtime before bed. Some how it was still almost 10 when the kids climbed in their beds tonight. Anderson lost a tooth tonight but neglected to put it under his pillow, so does that mean that the tooth fairy doesn't have to come or maybe the tooth fairy will just take the easy way out and put the tooth and money by his desk!

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