October 5, 2018

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  • Today was the last school day of the week, well I guess that make sense since it is Friday after all. We finished fairly strong, though we still haven't managed to wake up in time to eat breakfast together yet this week.
  • We end up eating in my bedroom as I am reading to everyone. That is fine, but it probably isn't too goo for my carpet. I am about done with the carpet in this house so I am probably a bit more lax than I need to be. Now, if we don't have carpet anywhere, then where we will sit all morning long doing school. I guess I will have to buy a lot of rugs!
  • Campbell and Keaton were finished very early, while Whitman and Anderson were finished fairly late. Whitman is just a little stinker. He doesn't really care that he can't watch his movies, he just would rather roll around on the floor or hide during school. He might just be the first one to see the inside of Lawson Elementary.
  • We did have lunch together and then everyone started on their chore list. I read some this afternoon. Then the kids finished school, worked on East, finished chores or just played on their ipads. 
  • I did sneak upstairs with the full intention to walk on the treadmill. I even had my shoes in my hand. But I sat down on the couch. Then I laid down on the couch. Then I covered up on the couch. Then I sat my alarm and there wasn't any treadmilling. I just had time to take my shower and then it was time to leave.
  • We had supper at the Pennington's house for our traditional Halloween gathering. The kids are all older and taller. They still enjoy dressing up though and everyone seemed to really enjoy the candy that Robby passed out!
  • They had made taco salad and chocolate cobbler for supper. It was all delicious. The kids played kickball and played some outside before starting a round or two of spoons. I think that everyone had a good time.
  • We made it home in time for everyone to have some downtime before heading to bed. Actually, they haven't headed to bed just yet. Everyone is quietly watching their ipads and as long as that is happening, they might get to stay away for a bit.

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