October 19, 2018-Happy 7th Birthday (party) Keaton!

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  • I didn't get up much later today than I have been all week long, but today it finally caught up with us. It was just one of those mornings-nothing really went right. I thought I was in a decent mood since I know that does dictate how things flow around here. The kids were fussy and hateful, Graham was in a mood, and school work was the last thing on anyone's mind. 
  • It was a pretty long morning. Even though Whitman only had half of his work to do since he had done extra another day this week, I still never got around to working with him. He will survive though, but I was just so frustrated.
  • Things did get a bit better after lunch. The kids calmed a bit and everyone did help get the house party ready. I think everyone works better when they have a goal. Keaton and Campbell made the icing for Keaton's cupcakes. Talk about waiting to the last minute-well, I know I still had 3 more hours but for me that is waiting to the last minute.
  • After the cupcakes were iced, I loaded up Keaton, Campbell, Whitman and Anderson. Anderson did not want to leave the house. I do think my people are a bit addicted to their devices which makes me crazy. Grannymom needed to hem his pants so he didn't have a choice though! I do think that some of his not wanting to go anywhere is an act, but still! On the other hand, my Keaton and Campbell are always up for an adventure.
  • Whitman was getting to spend the night at Grannymom's house tonight. He was super excited about it and packed most of the morning. He brought his Thomas tent, slime, books, magnets, and who knows what else. I think it is kind of funny to look and see what his little mind thinks that he needs. 
  • Lily met us at Grannymom's house and went home with us so she was the first of the party folks. Everyone played outside until everyone else started arriving. The neighbors even came out to play so the boys were super happy about that. They did leave their devices to play outside so I guess that is a good thing.
  • Robby arrived home about the time that everyone was dropping little girls off. Our yard was completely full of cars, people standing around talking, kids playing and it didn't even seem to matter that it was raining pretty good. 
  • I had spaghetti, green beans and bread as Keaton's had asked for to eat for supper. Everyone crammed the spaghetti down since we had to eat in a hurry. We all were able to ride in the same car tonight which helped out since it was super rainy and messy.
  • Robby took Graham and Anderson to Chase's swimming birthday party. They thoroughly enjoyed it. Anderson told me all about the obstacle course tonight as I was tucking them in.
  • After Robby dropped them off there, he dropped us off at the moving theater. Reagan, Campbell, Keaton, Sophia, Anna, Charlotte, Lily and Izzy. It was quite a group, and I tell you I could not have done it without Reagan. She helped me keep up with everyone, pass out popcorn and shuttle people back and forth to the bathroom. 
  • We watched Small Foot and it was pretty funny-well, what I saw of it. I ended up going to the concession stand 3 times during the movie and to the bathroom once. There were people behind us who really thought that the movie was funny so they just laughed and cackled at every joke which just made the whole thing a lot funnier.
  • Robby picked us up after the movie, and we headed home for cupcakes. The girls put on their pjs. Then we gathered around the cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday to Keaton. Next up were presents-she opened a CD player, a water bottle, colors, candy and some cash. She so enjoyed opening her gifts. 
  • The girls then played a little bit, but I eventually turned on a tv show since they were a bit wild. Also, the younger girls are harder than the older ones-more fussy and ugly to each other so I had to stay pretty much on top of it tonight. 
  • At a bit after 11, they all did lay down and I let them "whisper" for about 20 more minutes. No one was really whispering though. I finally went up there to sit until they were asleep and stayed up there until midnight. I certainly do hope that they all sleep soundly tonight and sleep all night long. I know that I will!

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