March 31, 2020

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  • More reading today, more school work, more talk of things being closed this summer. I suggested that we just do school throughout the summer and move the kids up a grade. That would mean that I would also be finished a year early-2029 instead of 2030!
  • For some reason I was super late working with the kids today. We started on time, well our new "on time," but I was still struggling to keep up. I normally have about 25 minutes per kid to check work/etc. Some folks take longer while others don't take that long-I just have to check Reagan's work, but have to do quite a bit of Whitman. I still managed to catch up and finished just about 12:15, but I was a bit stressed for a few minutes.
  • Nonna and Pops stopped by for a few minutes. They brought a bag of Oreos along with a bottle of coke. The coke came in handy since we were completely out and used that one for supper. And the Oreos became the after lunch and afternoon snacks. 
  • Right after lunch, I helped the girls with their drawers. They are just about finished with their clothes switcheroo-we just have to go through their hanging clothes. Then I believe that it will be time to buy the paint and paint their room. I am not looking forward to painting, but they sure are!
  • I have almost finished our latest puzzle. It is 1000 pieces and I think that the kids have only put in about 8 pieces. Maybe tomorrow they will help me finish it up. I have also spent some extra time working on my school room closet. I have realized that if I just do a tiny section a day, then it is quickly accomplished without me losing my mind!
  • We ate our lunches and then did some more reading. I did end up playing a game of basketball with Campbell, Keaton and Graham. And Anderson and I worked on his Legos. I believe that we just have about 8 more Star Wars Lego sets to rebuild and then will have rebuilt all of the Star Wars. Robby said that we could open a museum...that no one could come too.
  • For supper tonight, Campbell and Keaton made a breakfast casserole. Campbell also thought about cornbread and stuck a pan of cornbread in the oven. It was all decent-the casserole wasn't my favorite, but it killed hunger.
  • After supper, Reagan and Anderson cleaned the kitchen-we have started having 2 kiddos clean each night. Then most everyone ran to the trampoline for a little bit. Afterwards, there was lots of vegging out...I do have a girl zoom phone call late the evening so I best go and get myself ready for that!

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