May 31, 2020

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  • Today was our last day of outside church-I really enjoyed our outside church time. We were even early today which may not have been too good of an idea since it was was crazy sunny.
  • Last week it was overcast and pleasant, but today was it hot and sunny. Thankfully at Raymar there is always a breeze so that did help quite a bit.
  • After church, we headed to the only shaded spot under some trees. Our group numbered about 50 today plus there was another group of at least that many under the trees as well.
  • The kids had so much fun playing-they will really miss the after church picnics. I made sandwiches for everyone while I was sitting in my lawn chair-it was quite pleasant.
  • Robby left a few minutes before me to head home to work while I stayed with everyone until they were finished playing. On the way home, we did stop by Target-Reagan's swim bottoms that we bought a few days before still had the security tag on it. Then we dropped off some books on someone's front porch.
  • We headed home and the kids were delighted to see Brett at the house with a scavenger hunt ready to go for them. They immediately took off on the hunt while I unloaded the car!
  • I had just finished all of my stuff in the house and was thinking about my long overdue Sunday nap, when Robby stuck his head in the house and asked if I wanted to paint. So I ran out there to do some painting.
  • When I had finished that, I came back in and was about to lay my head down when I got a text about the pool. So I asked the crew and only Campbell and Keaton wanted to go. I should have just taken my nap, but since I was trying to be nice I did take them. 
  • The girls brought their neighbor friend and all had a great time. I sat in the shade some and then I would have to sit in the sun some as well! I couldn't decide it I was cold or hot.
  • On the way home, we picked up clothes from Dana along with supper for everyone at the house. I do believe that Tony and Robby have pretty much finished the shed-there is painting and strategically planning where things will go in the new shed. My plan is to draw a diagram tomorrow-everything will have a home (possibly labeled!)
  • The kids all came in-just in time to ask for ice cream. We passed out some ice cream after their showers and then it was eventually bedtime for the crew! 

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