Christmas Ornament Countdown 2020: 24 Days Until Christmas

I think that the ornament that I have chosen to start off our 2020 Christmas ornament countdown fits perfectly with the year 2020. This year is our 9th year for our Christmas ornament countdown. Last year I had more than 25 new ornaments-so many that I wasn't even able to show you all of our new ones. This year-I have 6 new ones. And one of those new ones is one that I just found from 2002 that has never made it on the tree. 

Despite a global pandemic, we have still had a great year plus we have had a pretty good travel year. We spent 35 nights at Disney during January and February. Robby and some of the kids spent a night in Tennessee for the SEC basketball tournament. Plus we purchased a camper that we have already spent 21 nights in with a few more planned for later this month.

And that brings us to the ornament! This really isn't an ornament, it could more accurately be called road debris, or a piece of an expensive trip, or even a testimony of God's protection. As we were driving down 40 in the camper on the way home from a great trip, we all heard a loud boom.

Robby knew immediately what it was and could see our shredded tire in the rear view mirror. The kids were all screaming "What was that? What was that?" while Robby was shouting back at them, "We're okay, We're okay."

And we were indeed okay. We pulled over and waited for AAA. They arrived soon, and we moved slowly to a gas station where the man put on putting the spare on. We had recently put the spare on the rig so it was used much sooner than we expected. 

Robby pulled this piece of tire out of one of the storage bins on the camper. As I sat there with it on my lap, I decided that it would be a great ornament. I will always think about how poopy this 2020 year has been, but I will also think about all of the good things that have also happened this year. Here is the link to that day's crazy blog.

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